MCCPC observes Red Ribbon Week

By: Kalei Edenfield

Meigs County Community Prevention Coalition is back and is your resource for all drug prevention and education in your community.

Once a month, the MCCPC will meet at the courthouse planning drug education events, discussing the epidemic, and making sure we are working as a unit in prevention. This coalition is open to any community member, educator or official that is interested in helping work towards a more drug-free county. The next Meigs County Community Prevention Coalition will be Nov. 16, 2:30 p.m. at the juvenile court. Be sure to find MCCPC on Facebook to stay up-to-date on events and information relating drugs in Meigs.

The MCCPC is also proud to recognize that this past week students, teachers and administrations celebrated living a drug-free life by observing Red Ribbon Week. The Red Ribbon Campaign was created as a way for communities to unite in solidarity and show their support against drugs. The National Family Partnership started the campaign in 1985 and it has since blossomed into an interactive week for students, that 80 million take part in around the country.

Most schools, here in Meigs County, participated in the week long celebration with themed days, drug education and even some visits from Rockin’ Reggie. Red Ribbon week is a perfect opportunity to elicit open-and-honest conversations with your children about drugs and alcohol.

Kalei Edenfield is a prevention specialist at HRS and a member of MCCPC

By: Kalei Edenfield