Third property tax bills sent out by Treasurer’s Office

By Sarah Hawley -

POMEROY — Meigs County property owners are receiving one final reminder of taxes due on their property prior to the annual publication of the delinquent tax list.

Treasurer Peggy Yost told The Daily Sentinel that the treasurer’s office recently mailed out a third billing to a little more than 2,000 property owners as a final reminder to them prior to the November publication of the delinquent tax list in The Daily Sentinel.

Yost said this is the first time that a third billing has taken place. Typically, bills are mailed out in February with a March due date and in July with an August due date.

In three days this week, since the final bills were mailed out, Yost said more than $53,000 in tax money has been collected. Some of those individuals were unaware that the taxes were still owed, while others had overlooked the previous notices.

Others have stopped in or called to make payment plans or to be placed on a payment contract.

Yost said the office does not like to publish the names if it can be avoided and the additional notice being sent out give people one last change to avoid that.

A cutoff date has not been set as to when payments must be made to avoid publication. The delinquent list is typically published in early to mid-November.

By Sarah Hawley

Reach Sarah Hawley at 740-992-2155 ext. 2555 or on Twitter @SarahHawleyNews

Reach Sarah Hawley at 740-992-2155 ext. 2555 or on Twitter @SarahHawleyNews