Softball tournament to benefit Roush scholarship

By Amber Dugan - For the Sentinel

RACINE — A select group of men and women on Oct. 8 will put on cleats and head to Star Mill Park to play softball.

Some will have played on previous weekends as softball is their activity of choice in their down time. Others will be taking the field for the first time in a year and some in several years. For all of them, however, their goal is the same: to raise money in honor of Chase Roush while doing something he truly loved to — playing ball.

From early morning until well past dark, ball will be played, transporting some back to their childhood. The pop of the ball coming off the bat, the sound of feet pounding as someone rounds the bases, and the solid smack of a glove making contact for an out will all be heard that weekend, but more than anything, one will hear laughter.

Even if you have no interest in playing, there is joy to be had in being a spectator. There is the enjoyment of being transported to a time when there was little to be worried about, watching or feeling the sense of freedom of running on or off the field, and the excitement of stepping up to the plate to bat once more. Some games will be blow outs, while others will be nail biters, but whether you are on the field or on the bleachers, you will feel a sense of family surrounding you.

Before Chase passed away, his mother, Fallon Roush, often worried about how she would pay for college when that time came. Because of this and because Chase always liked to help others, Roush decided to start a memorial scholarship in his honor.

Oct. 8-9 will be the 4th annual Chase Roush Memorial Scholarship “Live Action” adult co-ed tournament at Star Mill Park in Racine.

Also, for the first time, there will be a teen co-ed tournament Oct. 9 at Star Mill Park. Roush said she is grateful to be able to help other parents and students, and she noted that it would not be possible without the support of the community.

In three years, a total of $9,000 in scholarships has been given out to students who were taking their first steps toward college. The family of Chase Roush expressed their gratitude for the continued support of the community without which the scholarship would not be possible.

Anyone wishing to know more about signing up, helping out, or just coming to watch, can visit the Chase Roush Memorial Scholarship page on Facebook via

There will be concessions, t-shirts for sale, a split the pot, a raffle and endless amount of fun.

“Thank you for keeping Chase’s memory alive,” Roush said.

By Amber Dugan

For the Sentinel