Riverbend Arts Council hosts Art in the Village

By Jessica Marcum - For the Sentinel

Best in Show, Photography: Sharon Dean

Best in Show, Photography: Sharon Dean

Best of Show, Art: Melanie Quillen

People’s Choice, Art: Roger Lance

People’s Choice, Photography: Gary Coleman

MIDDLEPORT — A range of art showcasing the talents of those throughout Meigs County was on display Saturday in Middleport.

That’s when the Riverbend Arts Council conducted its annual Art in the Village art show.

It’s a showcase of the talent that Meigs County and other area communities have to offer, featuring children’s art activities, live music by Renee Stewart, a demonstration of hydro-dipping by local artist Sharon Dean, and more than 100 artworks from 32 participating artists and photographers.

The theme of this year’s show was “Road Trip Through America,” with a spotlight on America’s national parks system. A DVD on just a few of the most spectacular parks in the United States was shown throughout the day.

While the bulk of the art was grouped together in a mixture of photography, paintings and drawings throughout the main space of the building, the stage was home to the sculptures created by teams who participated in “Think Outside the Box.”

Nine teams were given a box of random items from which they created their sculptures. Kevin Lyles, one of two judges for the art show, was extremely impressed with all “Think Outside the Box” submissions. Based on his recommendation, each team was presented with a trophy.

“Each sculpture was so unique and had so much thought and team effort behind them. Each work had a quality about it that made it interesting,” Lyles wrote in a statement for the art show.

Hanging behind the sculptures was a mural painted by adults from Meigs Industries. Eventually, it will find a home with murals from past years at the Mulberry Community Center.

Also included in the exhibition was art centering around gardening provided by the Junior Garden Club.

Attendance of the show was up from previous years, attributed to the inclusion of art from area school children. Students from Wahama High School submitted artwork, and students from Meigs Intermediate School showcased small flags celebrating America, tying in with the show’s theme. Residents at Overbrook Rehabilitation Center also contributed flags to the show, with the assistance of board member Bobbi Owen.

Randy Houdashelt, owner of the Image Gallery, and Lyles, professor of art at the University of Rio Grande, judged the show. Houdashelt also provided a video display of his photography during the art show.

The $10,000 grant given to the council by the Ohio Arts Council will be an important part in helping the Riverbend Arts Council to grow. The “arts” part of the council’s name is important because their mission isn’t to only focus on art forms like drawing or painting. Art takes many forms, from music to dance to quilting and beyond. In order for the council to grow, it needs more interest from the public, according to Rhojean McClure, coordinator for Art in the Village and a member of the Riverbend Arts Council. Visitors to the show were invited to fill out an interest form, detailing the sorts of arts they may be interested in participating in or viewing.

The council doesn’t limit itself to promoting fine arts like painting, photography or drawing. They also provide dance classes for area children; art classes and related events; and cooking demonstrations. Upcoming events for the Riverbend Arts Council include a talent review the Friday after Thanksgiving, and a dance on Dec. 17. The building will also be used to host a Christmas craft show, held by the Middleport Community Association on Dec. 3.

Winners of the art show were as follows:

Best of Show, Art: Melanie Quillen with Where Do I Begin?

Best of Show, Photography: Sharon Dean with Light Up Your Life.

People’s Choice, Art: Roger Lance, In My Mind.

People’s Choice, Photography: Gary Coleman, Storm.

Category 1, Drawing: Professional, no winners; Amateur, first Chuck Lukowski with Boys of Summer; second, Camryn Tyree with Mandala Inspired; and third, Paige Dunham with Guitar Man.

Category 2 Oil Painting: Professional, first Melanie Quillen, Where Do I Begin?; second, Carmen Schultz with Nature’s boat; third, Larry Bragg with Blue Agave; Amateur, first, Mike Lieving with Haven’s view; second, Rebecca Delong with Small Roses; third, Rebecca Delong, Roses.

Category 3 Acrylic Painting: Professional, first, Larry Bragg with Big Sur Coastline; second, Peggy Crane with Mother’s Table; third, Larry Bragg with Cathedral Falls; Amateur, first, Vanessa Folmer with The Swamp; second, Eugene Anspach with Grandpa’s Barn; and third, Eric Cranston with Wonderland.

Category 4 Watercolor Painting: No Entries.

Category 5 Mixed Media: Professional, no entries; Amateur, first, Catherine Moon with Renaissance Moon; second, Madison Van Meter with Starry Nite Mosaic; third, Bella Ogdin with Shining Star.

Category 6 Color Photography: Professional, first, Sharon Dean with Light Up Your Life; second, Gary Coleman with End of the Line; and third, Sharon Dean with At Day’s End; Amateur, first, Amanda Taylor with Spanish Moss St. Augustine; second, Cassandra McClanahan with Seagrist Sunrise; third, Peggy Crane with Untitled.

Category 7, Sepia Photography: Professional, first, Sharon Dean with Windows of Opportunity; second, Sharon Dean with Old Fashioned Petals; Amateur, first, Peggy Crane with Snow Cage.

Category 8 Black and White Photography: Professional, first, Gary Coleman with Storm; second, Sharon Dean with Water Under the Bridge; and third, Gary Coleman with North to Alaska; Amateur, first, Amanda Taylor with Overexposed Beach; second, Amanda Taylor with Miller Time TX; and third, Peggy Crane with Untitled Log Fence.

Best in Show, Photography: Sharon Dean
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/14/2016/10/web1_bestinshow_photog_sharon_dean-light_up_your_life.jpgBest in Show, Photography: Sharon Dean

Best of Show, Art: Melanie Quillen
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/14/2016/10/web1_bestofshow_art_Melanie_Quillen-where_do_i_begin.jpgBest of Show, Art: Melanie Quillen

People’s Choice, Art: Roger Lance
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/14/2016/10/web1_peopleschoice_art_roger_lance-in_my_mind.jpgPeople’s Choice, Art: Roger Lance

People’s Choice, Photography: Gary Coleman
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/14/2016/10/web1_peopleschoice_photog_gary_coleman-storm.jpgPeople’s Choice, Photography: Gary Coleman

By Jessica Marcum

For the Sentinel