Meigs Local Board approves hires for new year

By Lindsay Kriz -

POMEROY — Meigs Local Board, at their most recent meeting, made myriad hires for the fast-approaching 2015-2016 school year.

The first hire of the evening approved was the hire of Ben Eberts as the seventh grade Football coach for the 2015 year.

The following people were also hired as personal assistants for up to 29 hours a work week: Tara Reynolds, Chasity Jude, Cindy Doczi, Dreama English-Smith, Kolleta Fridley, Stacy Butler, Sheila McKinney, Naomi Hall, Becky McGrath, Tracy Erwin,Cindy Lambert, Ashley Deem, Kevin Musser, Bethany Wyatt, Angela Hoalcraft and Selena Burchett.

Savanna Capehart was hired as a bus monitor for the upcoming school year as well, who will also work up to 29 hours a school week. The following were also hired as substitute personal assistants: Brittany Durst, Tara Leach, Nicole Smith, Jenni Durst, Holly McGrath, Carrie Walker, Kathy Dyer, Maria Meadows, Sabrina Weddle, Carrie Kennedy and Chandra Moon.

The board approved the hiring of Steve Blackwell, Dean Harris, Marlene Pierce, James Carnahan, Evelyn Hobbs, Terry Rowe, Joey Ellis, Penny Hysell and William Taylor as substitute bus drivers for the 2015-2016 school year, and hired Jason Miller as a substitute mechanic.

The approved substitute custodians this school year are, Kelly Counts, Gary King, Oliver Norris, Timothy Spires, Gar Haggy, Hoby Landers, Timothy Norris, Adam Tillis, Steven Hoover, Tamara Marshall, Aaron Oliphant, Timmy Tillis, Angela Hysell, Bobbi Moleski, Helen Robinson, William White, Carla King, Carrie Morris, Gregory Satterfield and Bryant Young. Bobbi Moleski, along with Wetzel Bailey, were also hired as substitute maintenance crew members.

Amber Blackwell, Jenni Durst, Dawn Kopec, Debby Davis, Kathy Dyer and Melissa Lambert were approved as substitute secretaries. The board approved the hiring of Josh Eddy as a tutor for a health handicapped student and the hiring of Adam Smith as the CTE Criminal Justice teacher at Meigs High School.

Members approved the renewal of the local schools’ membership Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding for the 2015-2016 school year at a rate of $1,779.

The board also appointed Ed Snowden as a delegate and Heather Hawley as an alternate for the Ohio School Boards Association annual business meeting, and approved payment of $2,873 to Melinda Butcher and the Meigs Archery Team to help assist with their expenses at their recent archery competition in Nashville, Tenn.

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By Lindsay Kriz