Hemlock Grove Grange celebrates 100 years

By Lorna Hart - [email protected]

HEMLOCK GROVE — Hemlock Grove Grange recently celebrated its 100th birthday with dinner, displays and dignitaries.

Members “termed the 100th birthday celebration a success,” with more than 60 people attending. A chicken and noodle dinner was served along with a decorated birthday cake donated by Sara Cullums, an 80-year member of Hemlock Grove.

The post lost all their records in a 1980 fire, which hindered plans for the upcoming anniversary. Chapter historian Barb Fry said they have “searched far and wide” to piece some of their chapter history back together.

Grange member Kim Romine took those collected artifacts and turned the upstairs area of the Grange Hall into a treasure trove of information dating back to 1916, and a quilt belonging to Rosalie Johnson.

Downstairs, Rosalie Story, Master of Hemlock Grange, welcomed everyone and introduced Ohio’s State Master Robert White and his wife, Ohio State Deaf Actives Director Judy Carrick, and Opal Dyer, Meigs County deputy and state director of junior actives.

Asa Houchin, state male ambassador, and Olivia Yost, female ambassador, were present at the celebration. along with members of other area Granges, including Racine and Star Grange of Meigs County and Athens County Grange.

As the birthday celebration came to a close, everyone agreed all they enjoyed themselves and were proud of their 100-year history.

The Grange charter places a great value on family units, agriculture lifestyles and working class unity as instrumental to community quality of life. The ability to disagree respectfully and work toward shared goals is highly emphasized in the proletarian ethic.

By conglomerating the interests of the rural areas that were so critical to the nation as a whole, these “Patrons of Husbandry” hoped to give some voice and power to the people or agricultural America.

Farming identity has long been central to the economics and values of southern Ohio, perhaps the reason for Hemlock Grove’s longevity. A member who exemplified this was Roy Holter, a 72-year active member, who passed away in July. At Hemlock Grove’s July meeting, the charter was draped in his honor.

The 150th National Grange annual convention will take place Nov. 15-19, 2016 in Herndon, Va., where they will continue their work of bringing small town, nonpartisan values to the national debate.

For more information of your local chapter, contact Barb Fry 740 992-5919 or visit http://www.nationalgrange.org/


By Lorna Hart

[email protected]