Meigs woman gets 1 year in meth case

By Lorna Hart - [email protected]

Pictured is Terry Carmichael awaiting her sentence.

Pictured is Terry Carmichael awaiting her sentence.

POMEROY —A Meigs County woman was sentenced to one year in jail for her role in a meth lab in the Racine area earlier this year.

Terry Carmichael appeared in Meigs County Common Pleas Court on Wednesday to face sentencing after pleading guilty to aggravated possession of drugs and illegal assembly or possession of drugs. The plea deal was reached in exchange for her testimony at the trials of Susan Evans-Good and Mark Russell, who both have been sentenced on similar charges

Carmichael must also serve five years probation that includes completion of a rehabilitation program by a licensed community-based correctional facility. Failure to complete the rehabilitation program or other violations of the probation agreement will result in 36 months incarceration. The sentences are to be served consecutively.

Carmichael, along with Evans-Goode and Russell, were arrested Jan. 21 as the result of an investigation into a possible meth lab in the Racine area. The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office had been watching influx logs for unusual pseudoephedrine purchases in the area. The logs contain information provided by individuals wishing to purchase products containing pseudoephedrine. This data can be used by law enforcement to differentiate between a person purchasing for self-use and someone trying to obtain the substance more frequently.

The logs suggested suspicious activity that led officers to a home on Bucktown Road. Upon arriving at the residence, they found Carmichael and Evans-Goode inside the home with “equipment normally used for smoking meth,” according the officers.

During the Evans-Goode trial, Carmichael said police arrived shortly after the three had returned home from purchasing Sudafed and Coleman lamp fuel.

“When we returned home, Susan gave me meth,” she said.

In further testimony, she said the previous day the three had made purchases for other ingredients needed to make meth, and she had watched “Susan and Mark make meth the night of the 20th at the house.”

Carmichael was able to identify ingredients necessary to make meth, but said she did not make it herself.

At Wednesday’s sentencing, Carmichael was asked by Judge I. Carson Crow if she had anything further to say.

“I have no comment,” she said as she shook her head and looked down at the floor.

Upon review of the plea agreement, the court records indicated she had fully cooperated with the investigation and had no prior criminal record.

Carmichael’s attorney asked that she not be placed at the facility where Evans-Goode is housed due to threats the defendant has received. The judge agreed and wished her the best in her rehabilitation efforts.

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Pictured is Terry Carmichael awaiting her sentence. is Terry Carmichael awaiting her sentence.

By Lorna Hart

[email protected]