Middleport advises residents to inspect property for violations

Staff Report

MIDDLEPORT — Middleport Mayor Fred Hoffman recently said there are still problems within the village of downspouts and gutter drains being connected into village sanitary swer lines, which causes an overflow in sanitary lines into basements and other low-lying areas.

As stated in Ord. 925.07, these connections are illegal and violators can be cited to court and fined for these illegal connections, according to Hoffman.

Section 925.07 of Middleport village ordinances states the following: “The connection of roof downspouts and gutter drains, either directly or indirectly into the sanitary sewerage system shall not be permitted under any circumstances. All such connections found shall be immediately disconnected and their use dicontinued.”

Penalties for violation of this section could be fines of $100 per day until corrected, according to Hoffman.

Violation of this ordinance must be corrected immediately to prevent excess water from entering the sanitary sewer system and overflowing into residents’ basements.

All property owners are advised to inspect their property for these violations, according to Hoffman.

Staff Report