Commissioners sign proclamations

Staff Report

POMEROY — The Meigs County Commissioners met last week where the signed proclamations to recognize EMS week and Poppy Days in Meigs County.

Present during the meeting were President Jimmy Will, Vice President Shannon Miller, Commissioner Tim Ihle and Acting Clerk, Mary Byer-Hill. Also present were Jenna Meeks and several members of the Southern FFA; Ryan Hill, EMS Director; and Kathy Johnson, Joanne Newsome and Dan Arnold for Poppy Day.

Commissioners accepted last week’s minutes. Commissioners also approved the week’s bills in the total amount of $709,005.69.

It was approved to appropriate $59,696 into S014-S03 for a 50 percent match to EMPG-FY 2022 (Emergency Management Performance Grant). This grant pays for daily operation and salaries.

Southern FFA members attended the commissioner’s meeting and introduced themselves and what offices they hold. Chair holders also spoke on planned activities for the program for the future.

Commissioners signed a proclamation to recognize May 15-21 as EMS week in Meigs County.

Commissioners also approved a motion to recognize May 27-28 as Poppy Days in Meigs County. Joanne Newsome stated the money raised stays in Meigs County for the Veterans in nursing homes for Christmas time. Last year they were able to raise $4,000.

A motion to award three projects money for the 2022 CDBG allocation was approved. The first project awarded is Scipio Fire Department for the Jaws of Life, the seconded is Pomeroy Village for playground equipment and the third is Rutland Village also for playground equipment.

Commissioners approved to adjust $75,000 for the sheriff’s office from A006A02 salaries into A106A04 housing, “due to unexpected/unpredictable housing costs.”

The Meigs County Commissioners meet weekly on Thursday mornings at the courthouse.

Staff Report