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Southern Local Schools was the site of the annual academic banquet.

Southern Local Schools was the site of the annual academic banquet.

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RACINE — The Southern Local School District celebrated it’s top achieving academic students at the school’s annual academic banquet last week in the high school gymnasium. Eighty students earned the opportunity to be honored at the banquet, which carried the theme, “Bee the Change,” a play on words that promoted students to be the difference in life, while also highlighting traits of the “bee.”

In association with his year’s theme“Bee the Change,” Scott Trussell welcomed guests with a display of bee and honey harvesting items.

Southern Local’s Academic Banquet Planning Team included Beth Bay, Tony Deem, Russ Fields, Meg Guinther, Olivia Hawley, Christie Hendrix, Rachel Hupp, Tricia McNickle, Vicki Northup, Daniel Otto, Jenni Roush, Lori Sharp, and Scott Wolfe. The meal was served by Southern Local’s Junior/Senior High Staff.

Home National Bank sponsored the entirety of this year’s banquet; in the past, parents and family purchased tickets to the banquet, but this year the bank covered the ticket costs and provided a plaque to academic honorees. Additionally, Home National Bank eliminated the need to ask for sponsorship from the school’s three booster organizations: Athletic, Band, and Parent Teacher Organization.

Carmel Sutton United Methodist Church, Racine United Methodist Church, and Tim and Liz Thoren also provided support for the event.

Robert Beegle, representing the Middleport-Pomeroy Rotary Club, presented monetary awards to four students, and the Southern Local Education Association gave out a cash award to a student at each grade level in grades 4-12.

Following are a list of honorees: 12th Grade — Brooke Crisp, Logan Greenlee, John Tanner Lisle, Isaac McCarty, Jacelynn Northup, Ellie Powell, Bradley Reitmir, Lincoln Rose, Weston Smith; 11th Grade — Gregoria Herrera, Damien Miller, Layne Reuter, Jake Roush, Hannah Smith, Jerry Malach, Alexis Smith, Christina Smith, Lauren Smith; 10th Grade — Dana Card, Jace Hill, Kaiden Michael, Brayden Otto, Chloe Rizer, Ava Roush, Alexis Smith, Christina Smith, Lauren Smith; 9th Grade — Katie Brooker, Xander Fisher, Isabella Harmon, Audrianna Herrera, Isabella Klein, Beverly Jorja Lisle, Marlo Norris, Carson Reuter, Timberlyn Templeton, Hayden Turner,Brennan Wyatt;

8th Grade — Alyssa Cooper, Murphy Dunfee, Danae Hemsley, Jaylynn Hupp, Hannah Jackson, David Kemppel, Noah Leachman, Kiersten Rose, Cole Smith, Bryan Venegas-Mendoza; 7th Grade — Izzy Cornell, Caden Hupp, Owen McCabe, Sophie Popp, Annabella Russell, Landen Smith, Sydney Stout, Edie Templeton; 6th Grade — Ella Caldwell, Olivia Dill, Connor Fisher, Blake Hudson, Landon Jones, Emma Leachman, Isabella Morrison, Bo Smith;

5th Grade — Greyson Duvall, Marcy Evans, Kamryn Hupp, Jett Lisle, Dayton Reiber, Lyddia Smith, Wyatt Templeton; 4th Grade — Tori Bailey, Alex Hartsook, Kendall Hupp, Cadence Jeffries, Lily Koren, Remington Neutzling, Layla Nibert, Audrionna Smith, Jessica Snoke, Jovi Wolfe, Carlee Young.

Logan Greenlee, John Tanner Lisle, Ellie Powell, Lincoln Rose, Brayden Otto, Alexis Smith, Kiersten Rose, Cole Smith, Olivia Dill, Emma Leachman, Kendall Hupp, and Layla Nibert will also be honored at the Meigs County Academic Banquet for being at the top of their class.

Southern Local Schools was the site of the annual academic banquet. Local Schools was the site of the annual academic banquet. Courtesy Photo

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