Rutland mayor announces street improvements

Staff Report

RUTLAND — Rutland Mayor Tyler Eblin recently announced the allocation of $16,160 from the village’s street construction, maintenance and repair fund toward planned street improvements in the Village of Rutland. Planned work includes two stormwater drainage system projects, new street signage and sidewalk repairs along a portion of Salem Street.

According to a press release from the mayor’s office, on Locust Street, three stormwater drainage pipes, totaling 60 feet in length, along with two catch basins, will be installed for the repair of a sinkhole. On Lynn Avenue, 18 stormwater drainage pipes, totaling 360 feet in length, along with five catch basins, will be installed to improve the flow of water runoff and prevent ongoing damage to the street as well as flooding in nearby residences. Along Main Street, near the Pearson residence, two grates will be installed over existing catch basins. On Salem Street, an approximate 25-foot portion of sidewalk will be replaced. The Locust Street project will receive priority, followed by the Lynn Avenue and Salem Street projects.

Also planned is the erection of 27 new street signs throughout the village, according to the release. Each street will receive a new sign and post indicating the name of the street. Old signs and posts will be removed and stored in the village garage where they will await disposition. The materials for this project have been ordered and are awaiting manufacturing, the release stated.

All streets in the village are marked for pothole repairs. These repairs are expected to begin next month, according to the press release. Routine maintenance, such as the sweeping of streets, removal of grass and sod from curbs and the cleaning of ditches and creeks will be carried out during the summer work season.

“Rutland residents have long awaited improvements in their village infrastructure,” comments Mayor Eblin. “Our taxpayers contribute annually by way of the motor vehicle license plate tax as well as the gasoline tax, and it is time to put their tax dollars to good use.”

Mayor Eblin explains that street improvement projects are planned based on priority and the availability of public funds. The Village Street Commissioner will be completing and overseeing the planned projects as outlined in this press release.

Information provided by Rutland Mayor Tyler Eblin.

Staff Report