Commissioners approve contracts

Staff Report

POMEROY — The Meigs County Commissioners met in regular session last week to approve contracts and financial matters.

Present were Vice President Shannon Miller, Commissioner Tim Ihle and Clerk Tonya Edwards. Also, present were BJ Kreseen; Huey Eason, Recorder; Carrie Rose, Meigs Independent Press; a representative from the auditor’s office; Chris Shank, Job and Family Services (JFS) Director, Theresa Lavender, New JFS Director; Hannah Thompson, Ag Teacher at Meigs High School; Buddy Ervin, Farm Bureau; and John Burdette, Jimmy Durst and Josh Karr, Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). Commission President Jimmy Will was absent due to paternity leave.

The payment of the week’s bills was approved in the total amount of $138,649.91.

Commissioners approved a motion to make March 20-26 National Agricultural Week.

JFS was approved to enter into contract with Meigs Local School District for the provision of transportation services.

Commissioners approved the IV-D contracts with the following: Meigs County Juvenile Court, Meigs County Prosecutor- Legal services, Meigs County Prosecutor- Criminal Non-Support, Meigs County Clerk of Courts and Meigs County Common Pleas Court.

Laura Figgins was hired to fill an Eligibility Referral Specialty 2 position in the Income Maintenance Unit for JFS.

Commissioners signed a letter of support for the widening of US 33 in Athens and Meigs counties.

John Burdette from ODOT brought Jimmy Durst and Josh Karr in to introduce them to the commissioners. Burdette stated Durst had taken a new position with ODOT and had not been in to meet with the Commissioners yet. Ihle mentioned that he had recently spoken with the ODOT District office as well.

Commissioners certified $1,504.678.96 for the Rutland sewer project. The amount was appropriated to a new account.

Note: All votes were unanimous.

Staff Report