Meigs Commissioners discuss

Michael Hart for the Daily Sentinel

POMEROY — The May 2 meeting of the Meigs County Commissioners was in a word, swift.

Agenda items consisted entirely of disbursements and a single leasing agreement.

Bills were paid in the amount of $25,358.54 from of a total $195,751.77.

Three Now and Thens were approved. Ohio Water Development Authority (E001E01) was given $10,847.34 as part of Rutland Water and Sewer operations. Okayed was $10,140.00 to remunerate Dean Heating and Cooling (B044B01). Lastly, the Middleport Jail (A106A04) received $16,440.00.

The Sheriff Department requested and was granted a budgetary adjustment, moving $10,000 from the Gas/Oil fund (A106A05) to Housing (A106A04).

The former site of the Emergency Medical Services at 119 East Memorial Drive in Pomeroy will be rented to New Era Broadband, LLC.

The Board will lease the building monthly to the telecommunications company, a business with a growing investment in Meigs County.

According to Commissioner Ihle, the internet provider “has been expanding their work in this area, and were looking to relocate their offices from outside the county lines.” The company’s offices are currently located farther away, near Tuppers Plains.

The Commissioners offered an update on county agency moves from the Annex to the one-time O’Blenness building on Mulberry Ave. Ihle said the process is “on schedule, and they should be able to move over next week,”pending success transfering phone service to the new location.

Minister Del Pullins offered the opening prayer, which included mention of the multiple Meigs denominations, whose congregations undergoing changes in status and pastorship.

The minimal pressing business allowed a relaxed moment of discussion pertaining to the United States Flag Code. Pullins’s knowledge of the advisory regulations may result in some office furniture rearrangement.

Given the reprieve from typically full sessions, the board adjourned. The next regular meeting of the Meigs County Commissions will be Thursday, June 9, at 11:00 a.m. at the Courthouse.

Michael Hart for the Daily Sentinel