Southern BOE approves agenda items

First business meeting of the year

Staff Report

RACINE — The Board of Education of the Southern Local School District met in regular session on Jan. 10 for the first business meeting of the year.

Present during the meeting were members Denny Evans, Alex Hawley, Brenda Johnson, Ashley Peterman, and Tom Woods. Members of the Administrative Team in attendance were Christi Hendrix, treasurer and Tricia McNickle, elementary principal.

The board voted to approve the minutes, bills, financial statement, bank reconciliation statement, and all checks for the month of December 2021, which includes fund report, revenue report, appropriation report, and warrants issued).

STORM Students – Isabella Morrison, Bennett House, Cheyenne Gatrell, and Caleb Richmond — were recognized.

Revised appropriations in the amount of $16,543,726.36 were approved as presented by the Treasurer.

The board approved a payment in the amount of $8,596 to the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation for the district’s annual premium for policy period Jan. 1-Jan. 1, 2023.

The following grant funds and creation of the following Fund/SCC’s were approved: Meigs County General Health District PHEP Grant-Contract Tracing Grant

The board approved the following resolution: OSBA Legal Assistance Fund. “Resolution to Participate in the OSBA Legal Assistance Fund. Whereas, the Southern Board of Education wishes to support the efforts of others boards of education to obtain favorable judicial decisions and; Whereas, the Ohio School Boards Association Legal Assistance Fund has been established for this purpose; Therefore, the Board hereby resolves to participate in the OSBA LAF for calendar year 2022 and authorizes the Treasurer to pay the LAF $250”

A fund for the Class of 2026 was created by the board.

The board approved the conversion of the matured 01/14/2022 18-month special CDX2424 to an 18 month special at the rate of .30 percent.

A resolution for Certified Public Records Training was approved: The board acknowledges Treasurer Christi Hendrix as the designee for Certified Public Records Training in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 109.43(B) for the following officials: Evans, Johnson, Peterman, Woods, Hawley, and Supt. Tony Deem.

The resignation of Marcy Wyatt as Winter Cheerleading Advisor was approved by the board.

The board approved hiring Brittany Hill as Winter Cheerleading Advisor for the remainder of the 2021-22 school year. Hiring is contingent upon completion of all the administrative requirements for the position. The supplemental will be prorated.

The board also approved hiring the following individuals on supplemental contracts for the 2021-22 school year: Russ Fields-VLA Coordinator; Darren Jackson-Study Island; and Beth Bay-Winter Fitness Coordinator. Supplemental is in accordance with the SLEA negotiated agreement and hiring is contingent upon completion of all the administrative requirements for the position.

Treasurer Christi Hendrix was approved for a five-year contract from Aug. 1 through July 31, 2027. Contract terms are the same as previous contract and includes 5 additional vacation days.

The next regular meeting of the Southern Local Board of Education will be Feb. 28 at 6:30 p.m. at The Kathryn Hart Community Center.
First business meeting of the year

Staff Report