Commissioners approve appropriations

Staff Report

POMEROY — Earlier this month, the Meigs County Commissioners met to approve appropriations.

During the Dec. 16 meeting, commissioners Jimmy Will and Tim Ihle were present. Commissioner Shannon Miller was absent due to illness.

Commissioners approved to pay the bills in the amount of $138,968.54 from the County General Fund and bills in the total amount of $1,167,286.87.

A public hearing was held dedicating approximately 0.30 mile of road to Columbia Township’s highway mileage system as described: Beginning at the dead end of T-617 (0.28 mile north of jct.T-1) ; thence northerly and northwesterly 0.30 mile along the former location of T-617 (previously vacated July 28,1997 by Meigs County Commissioners Resolution J20 P467) to a dead end. No one showed up for this public hearing. County Engineer Gene Triplett would like it noted that the road was called Peck Road but is now being called Lawson Lane so it should be dedicated as Lawson Lane.

Commissioners approved to appropriate $355.10 from A001C08 travel to A001C03 supplies for the treasurer.

Commissioners approved the following adjustments for the veterans funds: to appropriate $2,500.00 from A009C08 travel to A009C06 Save-A-Lot; to appropriate $487.12 from A009C03 supplies to A409C09 other expenses; $1,820.10 from A009C06 grants and allowance to A409C09 other expenses; $6,197.40 from A109C06 Vet travel to A409C09 other expenses; $589.36 from A009C08 county travel to A409C09 other expenses; to appropriate $25.11 from A009C08 county travel to A109C06 wex; $2,000.00 from A009C08 county travel to A009C06 food for vet; $1,381.41 from A009C3 supplies to A009C06 emergency grants. Commissioners also approved to appropriate $510.24 from A509C09 equipment to A409C09 other expenses; $14,128.00 from A009D02 salary employee to A409C09 other expenses; $1,000.00 A009D04 burial to A409C09 other expenses; $1,593.18 A009D05 grave worker to A409C09 other expenses.

Commissioners approved to appropriate $23,000.00 from S001S12 to S101S10 to cover payroll for EMS.

Commissioners approved to appropriate $1,200.00 into line item M014M2 for expenditures for juvenile and probate court.

Edgar “Bob” Hamm was reappointed to the Board of Meigs County District Library.

During the Dec. 20 meeting, commissioners Will, Ihle and Miller were in attendance.

The commissioners were made aware of some concerns with the senior citizens building. It was brought to their attention there is no wheel chair accessibility into the building or into the auditorium. They also expressed their concern about no transportation for appointments. The main concern was the senior building no longer accept the Silver Sneaker insurance for activities. Ihle informed the citizens that they are not over the Senior Citizen Building but would pass on the concerns.

Commissioners approved to authorize the Juvenile Probate court to be housed at the former Senior Citizen Building.

The commissioners signed the mileage of 256.42 for the county garage, meaning the county is responsible for maintaining 256.42 miles of public roads as of Dec. 31. Last year, there were 259.36 miles of public roads for the county to maintain.

The Meigs County Commissioners received a letter to vacate Lakewood Road in Chester township on Dec. 20. After reviewing the letter, the commissioners are referring the letter to the county engineers office for further research. Miller and Ihle voted “yes” to refer the letter to the engineer. Commissioner Will abstained from voting.

Staff Report