Board approves Abbott as new Meigs principal

By Lorna Hart -

Travis Abbott

Travis Abbott

About the principal

Travis Abbott is a 1996 Meigs graduate and earned his degree at Ohio University in 2001. He returned to Meigs High School, spending the next 14 years as a social studies teacher.

POMEROY — Travis Abbott was approved for the position of principal at Meigs High School during a recent Meigs Local School District board meeting.

Abbott is a 1996 Meigs graduate and earned his degree at Ohio University in 2001. He returned to Meigs High School, spending the next 14 years as a social studies teacher. Upon his graduation from Ohio University to receive certification for a principal position in 2015, Abbott accepted the title of assistant middle school principal with Marietta City Schools.

Now Abbott is back with the Meigs school district in his new role as principal after the motion carried to approve his three-year contract effective Aug. 1, pending completion of all administrative requirements, and recommended a bridge contract effective June 20 through July 31.

The board conducted its regular business with the approval of the minutes and treasurer’s report as submitted from the May 24 regular meeting. Expenditures for the month were also approved, and the treasurer was given the go-ahead to advertise and obtain quotes for bread, bakery, milk, dairy, and gas and fuel products for the 2016-2017 school year. The board also accepted the resignation of Amy Jackson as assistant to the treasurer effective June 3.

The Children’s Hunger Alliance ($4,000) and Innovative Meals ($7,700) summer food grants were accepted.

In other matters, the board approved approximately $80,000 for district property and liability insurance with Wright Specialty Insurance for 2016-2017, and about $117, 700 for 295 Lenovo Think-Pads with a three-year warranty included.

Resident Educator Mentors for the 2016-2017 school year were hired, contingent upon need, for Joyce Hill, Stacie Scarberry, Judy McCarthy, BettyAnn Wolfe, Kathy Hudson, Penny Ramsburg, Denise Arnold, Chris Saber and Jennifer Henson.

Melissa Priddy was hired for the split custodial position at Meigs High School and Meigs Middle School; Teresa Carr as a tutor to meet the student’s Extended School Year requirement; and Jeran Cox as the information technology interactive media teacher at Meigs High School on a one-year contract.

The resignation of Gerry Lee as bus driver was accepted by the board, effective July 31, 2016.

Cary Betzing was accepted to become a parent volunteer coach for the girls basketball program’s summer shootouts and workout sessions. Betzing already has the mandated coaching credentials required per OHSAA.

The following Board of Education new/revised policies, as recommended by NEOLA, were affirmed: Policy 1130/3113/4113 Conflict of Interest (Revised); Policy 6110 Grant Funds (Uniform Grant Guidance) (Revised); Policy 6111 Internal Controls (New); Policy 6112 Cash Management of Grants (New); Policy 6114 Cost Principles – Spending Federal Funds (New)Policy; 6116 Time & Effort Reporting (New)Policy 6325 Procurement – Federal Grants/Funds (New)Policy 6550 Travel Payment & Reimbursement (Revised); Policy 7310 Disposition of Surplus Property (Revised); Policy 7450 Property Inventory (Revised); and Policy 8500 Food Services (Revised).

A discussion/first reading of the following Board of Education new/revised/deleted policies/forms/administrative guidelines, as recommended by NEOLA, was held at the recent meeting: Policy 2452 Disclosure of Security Policy and Crime Statistics (Clery Act) (New); Policy 2460.03 Independent Educational Evaluations (New); AG 2460.03 Independent Educational Evaluations (New); Policy 4162 Drug and Alcohol Testing of CDL License Holders (Revised); AG 5111 Admission to the District (Revised); AG 5112 Admission to Kindergarten (Revised); Policy 5112 Entrance Requirements (Revised); Policy 5200 Attendance (Revised); Policy 5223 Released Time for Religious Instruction (Revised); Policy 5320 Immunization (Revised); AG 5320 Immunization (Revised); Policy 5330.03 Procurement and use of Asthma Inhalers In Emergency Situations (New); AG 5330.03 Asthma Inhalers: Maintenance and Use (New); Policy 7300 Disposition of Real Property/Personal Property (Revised); Policy 9270 Equivalent Education Outside the Schools (Home Schooling) (Revised); AG 2623.02 Midyear promotion for Third Grade Students Retained Due to Performance on English Language Arts Assessment (New); AG 8310 A Public Records (Revised); AG 8310 E Records Retention and Disposal (Revised); AG 8330 Student Records (Revised); Form 8310 F4 Application for One- Time Records Disposal (Delete); Form 8310 F5 Schedule of Records Retention and Disposition (Delete); and Form 8310 F6 Certificate of Records Disposal (Delete).

NEOLA provides school districts with a service for developing and updating, among other things, board bylaws and policies and administrative guidelines/procedures. The electronic format supports automatic linking from the table of contents and searching based on key words.

A contractual agreement for nursing clinical experience between Meigs Local School District and the University of Rio Grande-Holzer School of Nursing was accepted, and is effective July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017.

A Memorandum of Understanding was entered into with the Meigs County Department of Job and Family Services to operate the TANF Summer Youth Employment program. The agreement is effective through Aug. 31.

The Meigs Local District Leadership Team Subcommittees and the Meigs Local Building Leadership Teams were approved for payment of services rendered during the 2015-2016 school year as submitted to the board.

An overnight field trip, retroactive to June 3-4 for Mike Kennedy, head track coach, and qualifying track members to attend the state track and field finals, was approved.

The Meigs Local School District will renew their membership with the Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools Regional Council of Governments. Fees amount to $325, and membership is effective July 1 through June 30, 2017.

The board also authorized continued membership in the Ohio High School Athletic Association for the 2016-2017 school year.

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Travis Abbott Abbott

By Lorna Hart

About the principal

Travis Abbott is a 1996 Meigs graduate and earned his degree at Ohio University in 2001. He returned to Meigs High School, spending the next 14 years as a social studies teacher.