Commission approves vehicles for sheriff’s office

Staff Report

POMEROY — Meigs County Commissioners approved the purchase of new vehicles for the sheriff’s office during the recent meeting.

Present during the meeting were President Jimmy Will, Vice President Tim Ihle and Commissioner Shannon Miller. Commission Clerk Tonya Edwards and Chris Shank with the Meigs County Department of Jobs and Family Services (DJFS) were also present.

Ihle made a motion to sign a lease to purchase agreement with Farmers Bank and Savings Co. for five vehicles for the sheriff’s department in the amount of $210,431. The motion was approved by Ihle and Will, with Commissioner Miller abstaining.

Commissioners approved to pay the weekly bills in the total amount of $424,275.19. Of that, $34,214.90 came from the county general fund.

Also in finance matters, the commissioners approved to appropriate $1,050 to cover expense of state testing of weights and measures.

Commissioners approved to appropriate $75,000 for contract services.

Commissioners approved to appropriate $30,000 for water and sewer.

Commissioners approved to appropriate $46,912.82 for final payment of motor vehicles.

Commissioners received a bill for Equivant, a computer software, and for Eros Tech. The matters were tabled until the next meeting because commissioners believe the bills had already been paid, according to the meeting minutes.

Commissioners approved resolutions for new hires at for the following individuals: Kimberly Dunham, Intermittent Adult Protective Services caseworker; Baylee Hoffman, Mobility Manager; Andrew Vance, third vehicle operator/driver for the Non-Emergency Transportation unit.

Commissioners approved for JFS to enter into a contract with Bethany Bolin to provide Ohio START coordination services.

Shank requested the commissioners waive a portion of the personnel policy manual allowing him to open up a position to all staff so he is able to fill the Transportation Supervisors position. Commissioners approved the request.

Commissioners approved to renew the prevention, retention and contingency plan for the next two years for DJFS.

Staff Report