Commissioners approve appropriations

Staff Report

POMEROY — Meigs County Commissioners approved appropriations during recent meetings this month.

During the Sept. 2 meeting, commissioners Jimmy Will, Tim Ihle and Shannon Miller were in attendance.

Commissioners approved the bills in the total amounts of $67,298.59 from the “county general” fund and $370,937.55 from all accounts combined.

Danny Will, with the Chester Historical Society presented information on the annual Heritage Festival coming up on Oct. 2. Danny asked the commissioners to help with some of the expense that come with the festival. Danny stated they would be grateful for any help the commissioners could provide. Commissioners stated they would review the expenses.

Commissioner Ihle made a motion to certify and appropriate $107,369.23 into K000K38 capital improvements; $2,935.64 into K000K03 fines, $61,615.82 refunds and reimbursements, and $42,817.77 into K100K01 miscellaneous for the engineer’s office.

During the Sept. 9 meeting, commissioners Ihle and Miller were in attendance. Also present at the meeting were Commission Clerk Tonya Edwards, JFS Deputy Director Vince Reiber, Sara Walpole with the County Highway Garage, Jamie Jones with Meigs 911, Robert Jacks with Meigs 911, Sarah Hawley, Derek Miller and several other EMS and sheriff deputies.

As previously reported by The Daily Sentinel, commissioners signed a proclamation to remember and recognize first responders on Sept. 11.

In finance matters, commissioners approved the appropriation of $7,500 in A022A01 for autopsies and transports.

Commissioners approved the payment of bills in the amounts of $29, 985.84 from the “county general” fund and $241,760.16 from all accounts combined.

Commissioners approved to appropriate $15,000 from A006AA02 “Salaries” into A306A14 “Inmate Med” and $20,000 from A006A02 “Salaries” into A106A04 “Housing.”

Commissioners also approved to establish a new fund, “C13 COVID Emergency Fund” with the amount of $21,081.71.

JFS was approved to purchase a 2005 GMC Envoy for $4,990.

A motion was approved for the LPA ODOT agreement in preliminary legislation.

Staff Report