Southern Board of Ed. approves agenda items, personnel

Staff Report

RACINE — The Board of Education of the Southern Local School District recently met, approving agenda items and personnel mattes.

Present during the meeting were board members Denny Evans, Brenda Johnson, Tom Woods, Dennis Teaford and Ashli Peterman. Members of the administrative team in attendance were Tony Deem, Superintendent and Mrs. Christi Hendrix, Treasurer.

The board approved the annual payment in the amount of $5,550.00 to Facilities Management Express, LLC for FMX (Facilities Management Software).

The board approved a resolution not to provide Career-Technical Education in grades seven and eight. The resolution states the board will receive a waiver from the Ohio Department of Education to not provide career-technical education to seventh and eighth grade students. The waiver is required by the Ohio Revised Code.

The board approved revised appropriations (FY22) in the amount of $16,347,011.40 as presented by the treasurer.

The board approved yearly monitoring services of the bus garage with James Alarm Service in the amount of $426.00.

The board approved a contract for services with the Ohio Valley Educational Service Center for the 2021-2022 school year. The service provided is for Professional Development and the cost will not exceed $7,500.00. ESSER III funds will be used to pay for services.

The board approved the Athens-Meigs Educational Service Center estimated excess costs for FY22 in the amount of $310,139.31.

The board approved the Athens-Meigs Educational Services Center estimated Intervention excess costs for FY22 in the amount of $28,800.00.

The board approved the Life Safety Inspection quote from Brewer & Company of WV, for the annual inspections of the Fire Sprinkler, Backflow Preventer, Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguisher, and Eye Wash Stations in the amount of $4,760.00.

The board approved the revised Student Activity Funds Manual as presented by the treasurer.

The board approved a 60-month lease agreement with Canon Financial Services, Inc. for Canon ImageRunner Advance C5560i machines throughout the district.

The board approved receipt of grant funds and creation of Fund/SCC’s.

The board approved the events as indicated by board policy: 6233-Amenities for Participating at Meetings and/or Other Occasions. The policy would allow the board to provide meals, refreshments and/or other amenities for staff, students, citizens, and advisory groups who participate in meetings and staff development sessions. Some amenities may include gift cars, clothing, educational items, etc.

The board approved the transfer of Jenny Roush to the TAG position. Transfer is in accordance with the SLEA Negotiated Agreement and contingent upon completion of all the administrative requirements for the position.

The board approved the following classified/certified substitutes for the 2021-2022 school year, pending completion of all the administrative requirements for the position: Linda Miller – Bus; Shari Cogar-Bus; Rachel Allen-Cook; Suzie Carr-Cook; Steve Sellers-Custodian; Jen Shortridge-Secretary; Sharon Harvey-Nurse; Michael Scyoc-Substitute; Autumn Porter-Substitute; Evelyn Stanley-Substitute; and Lora Blackhurst-Substitute.

The board approved Jen Shortridge for COVID employment. The hourly rate of pay is $10.00 and paid with ESSER funds.

The board approved Chad Dodson for COVID employment. The rate of pay is $90.00/day and $12.86/hr for hours worked over the daily rate.

The board approve board member Brenda Johnson for participation in the group benefit plans provided to employees of the district 7/1/2021-6/30/2022. The full premiums will be paid to the district.

The next meeting for the Southern Local Board of Education is set for Sept. 27 at 6:30 p.m. at the Kathryn Hart Community Center.

Staff Report