Middleport discusses paving, ARP Act funds

Staff Report

MIDDLEPORT — During Middleport Village Council’s most recently meeting, members discussed paving, a sewer extension and American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act funds.

With Mayor Fred Hoffman presiding, also present were Council Members Matt Lyons, Brian Conde, Shawn Arnott, Susan Page and Larry Byer; Fiscal Officer Susan Baker, Assistant Fiscal Officer Ben See, Police Chief Mony Wood, Village Administrator Joe Woodall, Village Attorney Richard Hedges, and several visitors. Opening prayer was given by Rev. Luckeydoo followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Hoffman stated he contacted Myers Paving and they would be paving the village parking lot in the near future for $26,500 as approved by council at the previous meeting.

Hoffman also stated Woodall had made contacts concerning the fence to be constructed between the Pioneer Cemetery and the village lot on Park Street. This should also start in the near future.

The mayor said both OPWC paving applications had been submitted to OPWC for review, adding a meeting also took place with Burgess & Niple to discuss the sewer extension study which is now in progress

Hoffman said he still felt a building was needed at the lagoon and asked council members to think about this. He also said that a surveillance system was needed at the lagoon area and that he had asked Woodall to look into the cost of such a system which could send live pictures of the area to a monitor at the police department.

Hoffman said he spoke with Conde, Jeff Darst, Joe Powell about the donated handicapped-accessible equipment last week and worked on a plan to handle the installation. The mayor thanked Conde for his role in helping to get this project moving and asked him to provide an update. Conde said he had met with the Bunners at the park and they had tentatively selected an area for this. Conde said some of the parts had been back-ordered and assembly could not take place until everything was received. He said the merry-go-round was the largest piece and it would need to have an area prepared with concrete. Conde also said the village would need to provide access for wheelchairs since it would be difficult to use them in the grass and gravel. Conde said he would keep working on the project .

Hoffman said a new generator was ordered for the fire department since the old one was very old and needed replaced. Hoffman said council discussed this as one of the items to be purchased with ARP Act funds. He felt these funds would be available soon and requested authorization to pay for this when the funds were received. After a lengthy discussion on proposed and authorized uses of these funds, it was decided to wait until the next meeting to discuss this further when more information may be available on use of these funds.

Susan Baker distributed and discussed some of the information she had received concerning the ARP Act funds. She presented two resolutions for council’s consideration. One was to apply for ARP Act funding and the other was to create a special revenue fund for ARP Act money. After a short discussion, both were adopted unanimously by council.

Police Chief Wood informed council the village had reportedly been in violation of several things at the jail which he has been trying to get corrected. The jail is required to have a doctor on call. Wood stated that he and Baker had met to discuss this along with other personnel and they are recommending the hiring of Dr. Frazier at a cost of $13,200 per year. A list of the duties of the doctor and an agreement were presented to council for their review. Conde inquired about funding with the response that it would come from jail funds. After a short discussion, council approved the agreement.

Woodall presented some items that were no longer used by the village and requested permission to sell them online. Council agreed to sell any unused items.

Byer stated he thought removal of the old fencing in Hartinger Park was a good idea and made the area look much nicer.

Conde asked Wood about the staffing of his department. Wood said a few part-time were needed in dispatch but everything was going well.

Chief Wood said they were having a lot of problems with bicycle thefts and told council members if they see anything suspicious to give the police department a call. Wood said there were problems with receiving bread and milk for the jail but they had been purchasing it locally when needed.

Hoffman said the fence along village property on Laurel Street was reportedly “deteriorated and very unsightly.” Council agreed that this fence should be taken out.

Next regular council meeting is September 13 at 7 p.m.

Information submitted by Middleport Mayor Fred Hoffman.


Staff Report