Candidates file for November election

By Sarah Hawley -

MEIGS COUNTY — Numerous candidates have filed petitions to run for office on the November General Election ballot. Several levies for townships and village, along with one county-wide levy have also been filed.

Candidate petitions will need to be certified by the Meigs County Board of Elections during next Tuesday’s regular meeting in order for the candidate to appear on the ballot. Additionally, levies must be approved by the Secretary of State’s office.

The write-in deadline to fill for all seats, other than Middleport Village Council, is Aug. 23 at 4 p.m.

A complete list of those filing a petition are as follow (* denotes petition has been certified):


Middleport Village Council, 4 seats (filing deadline was in May) — Shawn Arnott*, Larry E. Byer*, Brian Keith Conde*;

Pomeroy Village Council, 4 seats — Nicholas Alan Michael, Philip M. Ohlinger, Victor Young III;

Racine Village Council, 4 seats — Kevin Dugan, Fred Nero, Ian Wise, Robert E. Beegle;

Rutland Village Council, 4 seats — Kim Willford;

Syracuse Village Council, 4 seats — David Poole, Jane Ann Hupp, Michelle A. White;

Board of Public Affairs, Syracuse, 2 seats — No candidates.


Bedford Township Trustee, 2 seats — Michael E. Chancey, Brett E. Newsome;

Chester Township Trustee, 2 seats — James B. Hawthorne, Alan Holter, Travis Mugrage;

Columbia Township Trustee, 2 seats — Jeff Birchfield, Gary Carr, Danny Demko, Marco Jeffers;

Lebanon Township Trustee, 2 seats — Gary Cooper*, Donald R. Dailey*;

Letart Township Fiscal Officer, 1 unexpired term — Jenny Manuel;

Letart Township Trustee, 2 seats — Michael Roush, Dave Graham, Justin Hill, Keith White;

Olive Township Trustee, 2 seats — Larry Life, William Osborne;

Orange Township Trustee, 2 seats — Michael E. Guess, Rickie Hollon Jr., Chad Nelson;

Rutland Township Trustee, 2 seats — David Davis, Steve Lambert;

Salem Township Trustee, 2 seats — Kara Dunkle, Jack Ervin, Dannie Lambert, Carol Starcher;

Salisbury Township Trustee, 2 seats — Robert Ball, Bill Spaun;

Scipio Township Trustee, 2 seats — Todd Byrd, Clinton Kennedy, Joohn McGee*;

Sutton Township Trustee, 2 seats — Howard Ervin Jr., Kevin Sheppard, Larry Smith.


Eastern Local Board of Education, 2 seats — Andrew Francis, Michael Moore, Marjorie Mora, Jessica Staley*;

Meigs Local Board of Education, 2 seats — April Burnem, Heather Hawley, Ryan Mahr, Collin Roush;

Southern Local Board of Education, 3 seats — Alex Hawley, Brenda Johnson, Lawrence Wilcoxen, Thomas Woods.

Candidates which file out of county (information not yet available)

Alexander Local Board of Education — 3 seats (file in Athens)

Athens-Meigs ESC — Meigs District, 1 unexpired term; Southern District, 1 seat; At-large, 1 seat; (file in Athens)


Villages, townships, and the county have filed levies to appear on the November ballot. Levies approved to appear on the ballot include:

County-wide — Meigs County Board of Developmental Disabilities, 2 mill, renewal;

Olive Township — Cemetery maintenance, 1 mill, renewal;

Rutland Township — Maintaining and operating cemeteries, 1 mill, renewal;

Chester Township — Road improvements, 1 mill, replacement;

Rutland Township —Road maintenance, 2.16 mill, renewal;

Middleport Village — Current expenses, 3 mill, renewal;

Middleport Village — Police protection, 2 mill, renewal;

Middleport Village — Fire protection, 2 mill, renewal;

Rutland Village — Current expenses, 2 mill, additional;

Racine Village — Current expenses, 1.7 mill, replacement;

Racine Village — Current expenses, 2 mill, replacement;

Columbia Township — Maintaining and operating township cemeteries, 0.5 mill, replacement.

Levies and issues pending approval for placement:

Pomeroy Village — Electric aggregation;

Salem Township — Fire protection, 1 mill, replacement;

Salem Township — Road maintenance, 2.92 mill, replacement;

Syracuse Village —Fire protection, 0.5 mill, renewal;

Syracuse Village — Fire Protection, 1 mill, renewal;

Lebanon Township — Maintaining and operating cemeteries, 1 mill, renewal;

Lebanon Township — Road maintenance, 1 mill, renewal;

Salisbury Township — Fire levy, 1 mill, replacement;

Salisbury Township — Cemetery, excluding Middleport and Pomeroy villages, 0.5 mill, additional.

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By Sarah Hawley

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.