Fundraiser to benefit Pomeroy K9 Unit

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Pomeroy Police Department K9 Maximus is pictured.

Pomeroy Police Department K9 Maximus is pictured.

Courtesy photo

POMEROY — An online fundraiser is taking place to benefit the K9 unit of the Pomeroy Police Department.

The fundraiser, with a goal of $4,000, is to help purchase a car insert and a “door pop” plus heat alarm system for the cruiser of K9 Maximus and handler Patrolman Jeff Morris.

Officer Leif Babb explained that the items are needed for the dogs safety.

Babb and the department are working with for the fundraiser.

According to the fundraiser information, “K9 Maximus is a 4-year-old German Shepherd certified in Tracking/Trailing, Narcotics, and Protection. He is assigned to Patrolman Jeff Morris of the Pomeroy, Ohio, Police Department. Maximus is national and state certified which allows the team to assist officers in the neighboring state of West Virginia. K9 Maximus is very social and used extensively for PR purposes. Unfortunately, K9 Maximus is working without a kennel insert at the moment because, due to budget issues, the Village of Pomeroy is not able to purchase an insert and the agency’s K9 program, like many in the nation, is funded through donations.

“An in-squad kennel allows the K9 to be safely transported when on the job. It fits securely into the rear seat of the squad and provides roll-cage level protection while a K9 is at work, on the road, and away from home. The door pop allows the K9 handler officer to remotely unlatch the door so their K9 may exit the squad car and come to their aid, should a call for service take a turn for the more dangerous; while, the heat alarm system monitors the interior air temperature of the squad car and sets off the sirens, lights, alarms, and rolls down the windows of the car to help ensure that a K9 doesn’t suffer from heat trauma if the temperature rises into a dangerous threshold,” continued the fundraiser information.“

Donations can be made online at

Pomeroy Police Department K9 Maximus is pictured. Police Department K9 Maximus is pictured. Courtesy photo

Staff Report