Middleport meth investigation leads to three arrests

MIDDLEPORT — A July 10 meth lab investigation has led to the arrest of three individuals.

Travis Klein, Lisa Marie Klein and Robert Windsor IV were all arrested and charged with illegal assembly or possession or possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs.

The arrests came after Middleport officers and Meigs County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to 630 Brownwell Ave., Middleport, to investigate an alleged meth lab.

After receiving permission to search the home, officers did not locate an active lab but they did allegedly find acetone, lithium batteries, butane, liquid fire, pseudophedrine pills, tubing, plastic bottles, a loaded firearm and numerous syringes — all items commonly associated with the production of meth. Three children were removed from the home by Meigs County Children’s Services.

in an unrelated investigation, Middleport Police Officer Leif Babb charged Diane Edwards, of Olive Street, Middleport, with alleged trafficking in prescription medication.

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