Southern Board approves graduates, personnel

Staff Report

RACINE — The Southern Local Board of Education approved a list of graduates for the Class of 2021 and numerous personnel items during the recent board of education meeting.

Seniors of the Class of 2021 approved for graduation were as follows: Christopher Chase Bailey, Stephanie Lilliana Rayne Black, Gracie Nicole Boso, Claire Olivia Bradbury, Corbyn Lee Clark, Jaden Lacy Connolly, Shayna Lee Connolly, Stacey Nicole Crouso, Tyler Bryant Day, Arrow Fisk Drummer, Kylie Danielle Gheen, James Matthew Hall, Jordan Lee Hardwick, Natalie Shea Harris, Natalie Lacy Harrison, Alivia Michele Heldreth, Brady Alexander Gregory Huffman, Ethan David Johnson, Jayden Hunter Johnson, Tanner Matthew Michael Lane, Ryan Thomas Laudermilt, Emira Jean McCoy, Kristin Lorraine McKay, Jacob Alan Milliron, Jacob Alan Monn, Ethan Dylan Mullen, Paxton Pryce Neutzling, Abigail Marie Northup, Jaxon Ryan James Ohlinger, Alysen MacKenzie Reitmire, Austin Lee Boyd Rice, Skyler Austin Cole Richards, Kylee Ann Rife, Abigail Leigh Rizer, Kyler Richard Rogers, Bradley Alexander Roush, Kyeger Blaze Roush, Caelin Rilee Seth, David Gregory Shaver, Norman Grant Smith, Joshua Phillip Stansberry, Lance Andrew Stewart, Mallory Shania Stover, and Gracelyn MaKayla Taylor.

The board also approved the criteria for three graduations seals — community service, fine arts and student engagement.

In personnel matters, the board,

Approved one-year contracts with the following certified staff: Devan Eckert, Hazel Knotts, Catherine Lachman, and Joy Neal.

Approved two-year contracts with the following certified staff: Garret Hall, Wyatt Jarrell, Tim Prange, Jordan Huddleston and Jordan Pickens.

Approved three-year teaching contracts with the following certified staff: Heather Dailey-Johnson, Olivia Hawley, Russ Fields and Amanda Rinaldi.

Approved five-year teaching contracts with the following certified staff: Alan Crisp, Missy Hoback, Courtney Manuel, Lori Sharp, Ryan Davis, Darren Jackson and David Maxson.

Approved a continuing teaching contract with the following certified staff: Wendy Beegle.

Accepted the resignation of Patty Cook effective May 28, 2021, for retirement purposes and to recommend rehiring Cook under the SLEA collective bargaining agreement for the 2021-22 school year as recommended by Supt. Tony Deem.

Approved a one-year contract for Vicki Northup as the Federal Programs/Administrative Secretary for the 2021-22 school year.

Approved a one-year contract with Scott Wolfe as the district’s Federal Programs Director and Food Service Director.

Accepted the resignation of Audra Wilkinson at the conclusion of the 2020-21 school year.

Approved hiring Scott Wolfe as the food service coordinator and Kathy Miller as the transportation coordinator for the Summer Academy.

Approved hiring Kathy Miller, Jack Lyons and Cheryl Smith as bus drivers for the Summer Academy.

Approved hiring Becky Bradford, Sheila Theiss and Rachel Allen as cooks for the Summer Academy.

Approved hiring Belinda Adams, Tammy Beegle, Kim Grueser, Evelyn Stanley, Keri Smith, Jenn Shortridge, Jodi Fisher and Janey Brinager as aides to work the Summer Academy.

Approved hiring the following teachers for the Summer Academy: Misty Fields, Adam Phillips, Rachel Cornell, Rachel Hupp, Bill Whitlock, Garrett Hall, Sharon Gantt, Jordan Pickens, Becky Zuspan, Ashley Zielinski, Beth Bay, Courtney Manuel, Jordan Huddleston, Chad Dodson, Junie Maynard (nurse), Olivia Hawley, Christy Essick, Lori Sharp, Leslie Dunfee, Wendy Beegle, Amanda Rinaldi, Martie Rose, Jenni Roush, Devan Eckert, Jenny Riffle, Lindsay Thomas, Meg Guinther, Brian Allen and Autumn Lisle.

Approved dock days as presented.

In other business, the board,

Approved the job description of “Director of Operations” and the associated administrative pay scale.

Approved an addendum to the existing internet access service agreement with Metropolitan Educational Technology Association to increase bandwidth from 200 Mbps to 1 Gbps effective July 1. The estimated annual increase cost is $13,104.

Approved a donation in the amount of $400 to the Southern FFA.

Approved the open enrollment period from May 1-July 31.

Approved insurance rates as presented by the treasurer.

Approved the purchase of a staging system with a 5 tier seated riser system from Wenger Corporation in the amount of $27,810.20 using ESSER funds.

Approved the 2020-21 School Safety Grant allocation in the amount of $3,738.44.

Approved a lawn care bid from Evans Lawn Care as presented.

Approved an extension of the sub grant agreement with Meigs County DJFS through March 31, 2022, for student monitor services.

Approved the minutes, bills, financial statement, bank reconciliation statement and all checks for the month of March as presented.

Approved revised appropriations in the amount of $14,673,537.87 as presented by the treasurer.

The next Southern Local Board of Education meeting was set for 6:30 p.m. on May 24 in the Southern Community Room.

Staff Report