Blystone announces candidacy for Governor

CANAL WINCHESTER — Republican Joe Blystone of Canal Winchester announced his candidacy for Ohio Governor earlier this spring.

The official announcement from the campaign reads as follos:

“Joe Blystone is officially running for Governor of Ohio in order to give a loud conservative voice to all Ohioans. Joe is a constitutional Republican who wants to restore integrity to the leadership of Ohio. Joe Blystone cares passionately about Ohio’s future. Joe believes our constitutional rights are at stake and now is the time we secure them. He wants to restore the freedoms the overreaching government has taken away. Joe promises to make Ohio a more affordable state to live in and friendly to large and small businesses! Joe knows he is the right leader for Ohio and will put Ohioans first every day. He knows what Ohioans truly want and need. Ohio will be revitalized, and Joe Blystone will get it done. The future of Ohio depends on the strength of Ohioans.”

The announcement also stated “Joe is going above and beyond to take the next step in protecting the American Dream in Ohio. He built the path to his American Dream – and is dedicated to make sure every Ohioan can too. Joe has successfully founded the Blystone Farm in 2004 and his nonprofit, Blystone Agricultural Community, Inc. in 2019. For more than a decade he has dedicated his time to serving the community and helping young adults and children learn the importance of hard work and living a happy and healthy lifestyle. The Blystones care deeply about their community and provide many agricultural classes to kids and their parents. Joe and Jane are freedom loving patriots, who have encouraged many to value and practice their God-given freedoms.”

Information provided by Blystone for Governor.