Meigs School District hold regular session

By Lorna Hart -

POMEROY — Meigs Local School District Superintendent Rusty Bookman made several recommendations for rehiring of administrative staff, all of which were approved by the board of education.

Meigs High School Assistant Principal Rick Blaettnar and Director of Operations Paul McElroy were rehired on one-year contracts and Meigs Intermediate School Irene Murphy as principal was rehired on a three-year contract. Also hired with Bookman’s recommendation was Patricia Bodimer as family and consumer science teacher at Meigs High School and Guy Bing as welding instructor at Meigs High School on a one-year contracts.

Teresa Carr was hired as a tutor for a student at Meigs Intermediate School effective June 1 through Aug. 20, as recommended by Karla Brown, Special Education coordinator.

Teresa Williams, Kathy Hudson and Donna Wolf teachers were hired for the Summer Intervention program for the Ohio graduation test. Teachers hired for the Summer Intervention program for the third grade guarantee exam include Melissa Morris and Sandra Walker.

The following personnel were approved by the board for the supplemental positions listed for the 2016-2017 school year: Denise Arnold, high school yearbook; Lena Yoacham, middle school yearbook; Denise Arnold, high school newspaper; Lisa Froehlich, middle school newspaper; Linda Riggs, middle school cheer advisor; Amy Perrin, drama coach; Janel Kennedy, freshman class advisor; Joshua Eddy, sophomore class advisor; Abby Harris, co-junior class advisor; Cara Kight, co-junior class advisor; Judy McCarthy, senior class advisor; Donna Wolf, high school Student Council advisor; Jackie Ortman, National Honor Society advisor; Janel Kennedy, co-quiz team advisor; Katie Corbitt, co-quiz team advisor; Scott Brinker, webmaster; Sarah Lee, TAG coordinator; Jennifer Henson, lead mentor/program coordinator; Toney Dingess, band director; Nicholas Michael, assistant band director; Dan Thomas, archery coordinator.

Several members of the Meigs staff were granted extended time, including Meigs Local librarians Denise Arnold, BettyAnn Wolfe, Carol Mahr and Marge Barr to prepare libraries for the 2016-2017 school year. Mary Arnold, district technology teacher, was approved for an additional 10 days for the 2016-2017 school year for the purpose of updating technology. Extended time for Jennifer Dunn, Meigs High School Vo-Ag instructor, was also approved.

Extended contracts were approved for Meigs High School guidance counselors Cliff Kennedy and Abby Harris, and Meigs Middle School counselor Stacie Roach.

In other matters, the board approved the treasurer’s reports and recommendations, and a forecast update as submitted by the treasurer. Forecast due by May 31 per ORC 5705.391. An agreement with Julian & Grube Inc. for Medicaid audits for both FY16 and FY17, costing $1,700 each fiscal year were given the go ahead. The 2016-17 dental insurance rate in the amount of $48.60 per employee per month was approved.

The cafeteria report for the month of April, as submitted by Christina Musser, food service supervisor, was approved.

In internet matters, a revised schedule with SEOVEC to add additional bandwidth at Meigs High School, district office and Meigs Middle School was OK’d. The board re-entered into a contract with the Meigs County General Health District to provide 60 hours of tech support services at July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017, and Matthew Simpson was hired as district webmaster on a supplemental contract for the 2016-2017 school year.

Two resignations were accepted, Shawn Weaver as social worker at Meigs Primary School effective May 27, and Pam Vogt, Title I teacher at Meigs Primary, effective Aug. 19.

Denise Russo and four students will be attending the SkillsUSA Leadership Camp at Hocking College on July 11-15.

The board also held a discussion and first reading held of the following policies, and provided on the following board of education new, updated and revised policies, as recommended by North East Ohio Learning Associates: Policy 1130/3113/4113 Conflict of Interest (Revised); Policy 6110 Grant Funds (Uniform Grant Guidance) (Revised), Policy 6111 Internal Controls (New); Policy 6112 Cash Management of Grants (New); Policy 6114 Cost Principles – Spending Federal Funds (New); Policy 6116 Time & Effort Reporting (New); Policy 6325 Procurement – Federal Grants/Funds (New); Policy 6550 Travel Payment and Reimbursement (Revised), Policy 7310 Disposition of Surplus Property (Revised), Policy 7450 Property Inventory (Revised); Policy 8500 Food Services (Revised).

The board convened to an executive session at for the purpose of discussing the hiring and compensation of personnel and the disposition and sale of property.

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By Lorna Hart