Vital statistics, cancer patient assistance available at MCHD

By Sarah Hawley -

Editor’s note: This is part four in a series of articles looking at the Meigs County Health Department 2020 annual report.

POMEROY — The Meigs County Health Department vital statistics office registers all deaths and births in Meigs County and is the place to go to get certified copies of birth or death certificate documents.

The vital statistics staff at the Meigs County Health Department include Registrar Courtney Midkiff, Deputy Registrar Michelle Willard and Clerk Shauna Chapman.

In 2020, the following were reported by Vital Statistics:

  • 0 Registered home births
  • 0 Out-of-institution births;
  • 514 Certified Birth Certificates issued;
  • 851 Certified death certificates issued;
  • 268 Burial transit permits issued;
  • 1 Certificates of service issued;
  • 0 Fetal deaths registered
  • 4 Free veterans’ copies issued upon request.

In 2020, 237 deaths were registered in Meigs County. Those deaths were reported as follows:

  • 212 Natural deaths;
  • 22 Accidents (16 overdoses);
  • 0 Homicides;
  • 2 Suicides;
  • 0 Pending;
  • 1 Undetermined death;
  • 9 Death certificates listed COVID infection in residents who did in Meigs County.

The top causes of death in Meigs County in 2020 were cardiac related and cancer.

The department also provided genealogy assistance to the public as requested.

The child fatality board, which meets annually, met on March 16, 2020, reviewing two child deaths which occurred in 2019.

Cancer patient services

The Meigs County Health Department, in collaboration with the Meigs County Cancer Initiative (MCCI) disseminates gas vouchers and food cards to Meigs County cancer patients travelling to medical appointments. Health department administrator Courtney Midkiff served as the MCCI secretary for 2020.

Patients served and vouchers distributed during 2020 were as follows:

January —28 patients; 55 vouchers;22 food cards;

February — 23 patients; 42 vouchers; 18 food cards;

March — 23 patients; 42 vouchers; 16 food cards;

April — 16 patients; 30 vouchers; 12 food cards;

May — 11 patients; 21 vouchers; 9 food cards;

June — 16 patients; 29 vouchers; 11 food cards;

July — 15 patients; 24 vouchers; 10 food cards;

August — 12 patients; 20 vouchers; 10 food cards;

September — 19 patients; 33 vouchers; 12 food cards;

October — 12 patients; 22 vouchers; 9 food cards;

November — 12 patients; 23 vouchers; 9 food cards;

December — 21 patients; 33 vouchers; 10 food cards.

Additionally, four mobile mammography clinics were held in a collaborative effort between the Meigs County Health Department and the Ohio State University.

A total of 58 screenings were completed during the clinics with five women needing follow-ups. There were zero breast cancer diagnoses. Of the screenings, four were paid by the Southeast Ohio Breast and Cervical Cancer Project.

The Meigs County Health Department is the host location for the Ferman E. Moore American Cancer Society Cancer Resource Center.

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By Sarah Hawley

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.