Prosecutor files FOJ report

Staff Report

POMEROY — Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney James K. Stanley has filed the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office’s annual Furtherance of Justice (FOJ) report with the Meigs County Auditor’s Office and has returned $11,801.63 of unexpended funds to the county treasury.

During the course of Stanley’s first term in office from 2017 through 2020, Stanley has returned a total of $51,701.35 to the county treasury.

The Furtherance of Justice Fund was established by the Ohio Revised Code to provide for expenses the county prosecuting attorney may incur in the performance of the county prosecuting attorney’s official duties and in the furtherance of justice. Unlike the general office budget, which is maintained by the County Auditor’s Office, FOJ funds are maintained by the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in an outside bank account. The FOJ report is reviewed by the County Auditor’s Office and is audited by the State Auditor’s Office. The Meigs County Commissioners Office also receives a copy of the FOJ report.

“Being a fiscal conservative with the office budget means I try to save the county as much money as possible,” Stanley said. “While FOJ money can legitimately be zeroed out every year, I take pride in the fact that the office is as frugal as we can be, and that I have been able to return so much money to the county that can be spent on other things.”

Information provided by the Meigs County Prosecutor’s Office.

Staff Report