For the Record: Middleport Police Dept.

Staff Report

MIDDLEPORT — On Jan. 15, the Middleport Police Department received a call from law enforcement in Anderson, Indiana, who advised they were actively looking for and had a felony warrant for Zackary Custer, 29, of Middleport.

Officers went to his last known addressed and advised he was not home at the time. Custer later walked into the Middleport Police Department and turned himself in without incident.

A fugitive of justice warrant was completed for Meigs County Court and Madison County Sheriff of Indiana was notified. Custer awaits arraignment in the Middleport Jail.

On Jan. 18, Middleport Police were called and advised that William Eric Hayes, 47, of Brownell Avenue was allegedly screaming inside his apartment and may have a gun.

A few minutes later the department received another call of Hayes and advised that he was allegedly live on Facebook and was allegedly threatening suicide by cop. Patrolman Scott Spiker and Deputy Aaron Dillard responded to the scene, and after detaining Hayes, reportedly located a gun.

Hayes, who is a convicted felon, was arrested and charged with weapons under disability and was placed in the Middleport Jail to await arraignment in Meigs County Court.

On Jan. 19, Middleport Jail corrections officers Julia Musgrove and Brendan Payne were working in the jail when problems reportedly arose in the detox cell with Hayes.

Dispatch contacted Chief Mony Wood who came to the jail. All three then went into the detox cell where Hayes had allegedly tore the vent fan from the ceiling and was allegedly attempting to bust the window out.

After the officers wrestled Hayes to the ground to handcuff him, he allegedly bit Musgrove in the arm and Payne in the stomach. Hayes is currently awaiting to be arraigned and transported to a behavioral health unit.

Officers Musgrove and Payne received medical treatment and returned to work.

Hayes is charged with two counts of felonious assault and one count of felony vandalism after consultation with Meigs County Prosecutor James K. Stanley.

Middleport would like to thank Meigs County EMS, Pomeroy Police Chief Chris Pitchford, and the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office Aaron Dillard, Lt. Bill Gilkey and Deputy Rick Smith for all their help this morning.

Information provided by Middleport Chief Mony Wood.

Staff Report