‘3rd Block from the Sun’ to celebrate anniversary/reopening

“3rd Block From the Sun” provides some light in downtown Pomeroy Tuesday night. The block includes three businesses celebrating reopenings and anniversaries: Jill’s Beauty Spa, The Bartees (photography) and River Front Meat Market and Deli. The former two are celebrating reopenings and the deli is celebrating five years of business.

There will be literal red carpet in front of the shops during Friday night’s three-hour event. All the shops will be open during the event, with Jill’s Beauty Spa closed until the grand opening at 6 p.m. that night.

POMEROY — The grand reopening of the Bartees Photography, Jill’s Beauty Spa and River Front Meat Market and Deli will take place 6-9 p.m. Friday.

The event will literally be a red carpet affair, with red carpet set to line the block. Brandon Bartee, of the Bartees Photography, said the event will be a “pretty fancy one,” with finger foods, drinks including beer and wine and appetizers.

“We just want (people) to come out and see what we’ve done,” Bartee said.

The new Bartee studio, Jill’s new spa and the River Front Meat Market are all located on the same block, and a nickname for the block is shared by all three stores: Third Block From the Sun. While the other two businesses are celebrating the move and remodel of their businesses, Bill and Amity Wamsley are celebrating five years of their market and deli.

“The big draw is that we’re moving our businesses, but we’re also changing the way we do business, as well,” Bartee said. “This year we’ve introduced a workshop, Jill is growing tremendously, and we just really want people to come out and see what we offer in addition to free food and beverages.”

Anyone who attends the event is eligible to win more than $2,500 in giveaways. The Bartees will be giving away a photo package worth $1,000. The Wamsleys will be giving away a charcoal grill and a whole beef tenderloin gift certificate and gift certificates for donuts. Jill will be giving away two free teeth-whitening appointments to two winners, two one-hour massages to two winners, two full sets of a choice of gel acrylic/acrylic nails/basic manicure to two winners and two 30-day unlimited tanning sessions and premium tanning lotions to two winners.

“We’re trying to raise the standard of what a business in Pomeroy looks like,” Bartee said.

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