Women’s Health Day planned for Friday

Staff Report

RACINE — The Southern Local Wellness Center will be hosting a Women’s Health Day event to educate women on the importance of routine check-ups and screenings that can prevent future health complications.

From 7:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Oct. 16, various labs and pertinent health information will be available at the wellness center, located at 906 Elm Street in Racine, Ohio. Appointments are required to accommodate social distancing and wearing a mask is also requested for your visit. Call 740-949-2348 to schedule an appointment.

The cost of the event is $40 and cash, credit card or check will be accepted. Insurance companies will not be billed for this event.

Ladies can be screened for several labs including:

· Thyroid (TSH)

· Blood Count/Anemia (CBC)

· Cholesterol/HDL/LDL/Triglycerides (Lipids)

· Glucose/Electrolytes (CMP)

· HgbA1C

· Vitamin D

Information on self-breast exams and other women-related health concerns will also be available.

Patients are asked to not eat or drink eight hours prior to testing.

Lab results can be picked up the day after the draw date or results will be mailed out. Individuals may review and discuss their results with a primary doctor or schedule an appointment with a Southern Local Wellness Center staff member.

“With October being recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness month, this Women’s Health Day is the perfect opportunity to be screened for various labs and learn the current status of your health,” said Junetta Maynard, FNP at Southern Local Wellness Center. “These screenings can also show that certain lifestyle changes may need to be made to prevent further complications.”

Information provided by Coplin Health Systems.

Staff Report