COVID-19 cases reported in schools… Update on long-term care facilities

Update on long-term care facilities

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OHIO VALLEY — Cases reported in area schools, as well as an update on the virus as it relates to local long-term care facilities, are included in Ohio Valley Publishing’s latest COVID-19 area update.

School cases

Gallia County Local School District has two student cases (two total cases), according to new data released by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH). The “week” as counted for this data ran through Sunday (Sept. 13), according to Gov. Mike DeWine.

According to the school district’s website, on Sept. 10, two messages to “Gallia County Local School Families and Staff” by Superintendent Jude Meyers, informed a student a River Valley High School and a student at Addaville Elementary School each tested positive for COVID-19.

In regards to both instances, Meyers wrote the two students had not been on school property since testing positive and “we have confirmed that there has been no exposure to students or staff over a 48 hour period. We are working with our Health Department contacts for tracing and are following all of their procedural guidance. If it is determined that any individual has been ‘exposed’ the Health Department will be contacting those people individually to provide health guidance.

“As a result of the positive test and quarantining, that individual will not be reporting back to school for a period defined by the Health Department. We will continue to follow district safety protocols for hygiene, safety, social distancing, and facial covers. Unless you are advised differently, you should report to school as normal.”

No other school districts in Meigs or Gallia Counties are reporting cases, according to ODH.

Long-term care facilities

ODH is reporting eight deaths in Gallia County have occurred in long-term care facility patients, while nine deaths in Meigs County have been long-term care facility residents, since the pandemic began. The state does not lists deaths by facility, only by county.

During the past reporting week (Sept. 9-15) for long-term care facility data, ODH reported two new resident cases at Overbrook Rehabilitation Center. This brings the total to 55 resident cases and 30 staff cases since April.

No new cases were reported at Gallia County long-term care facilities during the reporting week.

To date, long-term care facility cases in Meigs County, according to ODH on Wednesday evening, are as follows: Overbrook Rehabilitation Center, 55 resident cases, 30 staff cases; Arbors at Pomeroy, 3 staff cases.

To date, long-term care facility cases in Gallia County, according to ODH on Wednesday evening, are as follows: Abbyshire, 35 resident cases, 19 staff cases; Arbors at Gallipolis, 1 staff case; Gallipolis Developmental Center, 1 resident case, 3 staff cases; Holzer Senior Care, 1 resident case; ResCare, 1 resident case. (Editor’s note: As previously reported, Holzer officials have said the case attributed to its senior care facility is inaccurate.)

Long-term care facility cases are updated weekly by ODH.

The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) reports 16 total positive residents at Lakin Hospital and 11 total positive staff. Also, according to DHHR reports, one death has occurred among the cases associated with Lakin Hospital. The outbreak is currently classified as active, according to DHHR.

State Rankings

The latest per capita case rankings released by Ohio on Thursday during Gov. Mike DeWine’s news conference show Meigs County ranking in the top 20 for most cases per capita in the past two weeks. Gallia County is outside the top 20, with only data for the top 20 released.

Meigs County is 19th, which is the lowest ranking for the county since the rankings began. Meigs County has had 109.1 cases per 100,000 population (25 actual cases).

Neighboring counties ranking in the top 20 include Athens County which ranked 3rd, with 192.9 cases per 100,000 population (126 actual cases); and Lawrence County which ranked 14th, with 131.2 cases per 100,000 population (78 actual cases).

Putnam County (Ohio) has the highest occurrence rate with 256.9 cases per 100,000 population (87 actual cases). Mercer County is second with 240.5 cases per 100,000 population (99 actual cases).

Here’s a look at coronavirus cases across our area:

Gallia County

The three new cases reported on Wednesday bring the Gallia County case total to 176 cases (173 confirmed, 3 probable). One of the new cases is connected to a current Gallia County case.

The following are age ranges, as of Wednesday, in the 176 total cases reported by the health department:

0-19 — 18 cases

20-29 — 27 cases (1 hospitalization)

30-39 — 18 cases

40-49 — 26 cases

50-59 — 27 cases (3 hospitalizations)

60-69 — 16 cases (6 hospitalizations)

70-79 — 22 cases (10 hospitalizations)

80-89 — 14 cases (7 hospitalizations)

90-99 — 8 cases (5 hospitalizations)

Age unreported — 9 deaths

The health department is reporting a total of 137 recovered cases and 30 active cases as of Wednesday afternoon. There are three current hospitalizations and 29 previous hospitalizations.

The Gallia County Health Department has reported a total of 9 deaths.

Gallia County remains at an Orange level-2 advisory level on the State of Ohio Public Health Risk Advisory System, which is defined as “increased exposure and spread; exercise high degree of caution.”

Meigs County

The Meigs County Health Department is reporting two additional cases of COVID-19 in Meigs County. The new cases of COVID-19 bring Meigs County to 20 active cases, and 170 total cases (144 confirmed, 26 probable) since April.

Thursday’s cases were as follows:

1. Confirmed case, male in the 40 to 49-year-old age range, who is not hospitalized.

2. Probable case, male in the 10 to 19-year-old age range, who is not hospitalized.

Age ranges for the 170 Meigs County cases, as of Thursday, are as follows:

0-9 — 4 cases

10-19 — 17 cases (1 new case)

20-29 — 20 cases

30-39 — 17 cases (1 hospitalization)

40-49 — 18 cases (1 new case)

50-59 — 19 cases (2 hospitalizations)

60-69 — 17 cases (3 hospitalizations)

70-79 — 22 cases (3 hospitalizations, 2 deaths)

80-89 — 21 cases (6 hospitalizations, 5 deaths)

90-99 — 14 cases (3 hospitalizations, 2 deaths)

100-109 — 1 case (1 hospitalization)

Three additional recovered cases were reported on Thursday, bringing the total to 141 recovered cases. There have been a total of 19 hospitalizations and nine deaths.

There have been six positive antibody tests in Meigs County. Antibody tests check your blood by looking for antibodies, which may tell you if you had a past infection with the virus that causes COVID-19.

For more data and information on the cases in Meigs County visit .

Meigs County remains at an Orange level-2 advisory level on the State of Ohio Public Health Risk Advisory System. The color is updated each week during the Thursday news conference by Governor Mike DeWine.

Mason County

The Mason County Health Department reported 131 total cases on Thursday, one more than the previous day. Of those cases, 19 are active, 108 recovered and one is currently hospitalized. There have been four deaths in Mason County.

DHHR reported 130 cases in the 10 a.m. update on Thursday, one more than the previous day.

According to DHHR, the age ranges for the 130 COVID-19 cases DHHR is reporting in Mason County are as follows:

0-9 — 1 cases

10-19 — 10 cases

20-29 — 20 cases (1 new case)

30-39 — 12 cases

40-49 — 21 cases

50-59 — 19 cases (1 death)

60-69 — 16 cases

70+ — 31 cases (3 deaths)


As of the 2 p.m. update on Thursday, ODH reported a total of 1,067 new cases, below the 21-day average of 1,084. There were 25 new deaths reported on Thursday (21-day average of 24), 65 new hospitalizations (21-day average of 70) and 15 new ICU admissions (21-day average of 10).

West Virginia

As of the 10 a.m. update on Thursday, DHHR is reporting a total of 13,430 cases with 294 deaths. There was an increase of 234 cases from Wednesday, and four new deaths. DHHR reports a total of 497,962 lab test have been completed, with a 2.70 cumulative percent positivity rate. The daily positivity rate in the state was 4.93 percent.

Kayla (Hawthorne) Dunham, Sarah Hawley and Beth Sergent contributed to this report.

(Editor’s Note: Statistics reported in this article are tentative and subject to change. This was the information available at press time with more to be added as it becomes available.)

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Update on long-term care facilities

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