For the record

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Aug. 24

Deputies responded to a hunting cabin on Jacks Road that had been broken into. Several items were reported missing including a grill, a microwave, and some hunting items. This incident remains under investigation and anyone with information is asked to call Meigs County Sheriff’s Office at 740-992-3371.

Aug. 25

Deputies took a report of a protection order violation on Colburn Road. Charges will be filed for this violation.

Deputies responded to a residence on Hatfield Road to conduct a well-being check on a subject. Deputies were able to make contact and everything was okay. No further action.

Aug. 26

Deputies responded to a residence in Racine for a well-being check. Deputies contacted the subject, and everything was okay. No further action.

Deputies responded to several reports of male subjects in Syracuse asking people for information from their electric bills. Deputies contacted the subjects and they were from a company making inquiries about people’s electric to have them switch providers. Deputies requested they register with the village prior to any future endeavors.

Deputies responded to a residence in Racine over a property line dispute. Deputies explained to each party involved what they would have to do to resolve the issue. No further action.

Aug. 27

Deputies responded to a residence on Derry Lane to take a report of a subject being threatened. The problems were between a tenant and landlord. The tenant was moving out of the residence when a disagreement between the landlord occurred and the landlord made some threats. The landlord had left the scene and the tenant did not wish for charges to be filed. No further action.

Deputies went to a residence on Apple Grove Dorcas Road at the request of a Fed Ex driver saying he had delivered some packages that had not been taken inside and was currently sitting outside in the rain. Deputies went to the residence but did not contact anyone at the residence. Deputies were able to contact some neighbors who said they have seen the subjects recently, but they were not home at the present time. No further action.

Deputies went to a residence in Racine to take a report on a subject trying to make contact, through a third party, with a protected person in a protection order. This case remains under investigation and charges may be filed.

Aug. 29

Deputies responded to Smith Run Road for an alarm call. Officer arrived and everything was okay

A woman in Rutland reported threats being made to her family members. This matter is still under investigation.

Ryder Wehr was arrested in Athens County on an indictment out of Meigs County. Ryder Wehr was transported to the Middleport Jail where he waits arraignment

Aug. 30

A man on Starcher Road reported his neighbor has a hay bale on his property. The hay was removed no further action taken

Abandoned vehicle was reported on Mudfork Road. Upon arriving officers located the vehicle parked in the middle of the road with no one around. The vehicle was towed.

Aug. 31

An inmate was transported to the Holzer ER for medical clearance and then transported to the Hopewell Crisis Unit.

Officers assisted Gallia County with a missing juvenile by checking several residences for her. A male was detained in the case per the request of Gallia County.

Officers patrolled State Route 7 on the four-lane reference vehicle traveling in the wrong direction. Units patrolled and did not locate the vehicle.

Sept. 1

Deputies took a theft report from Go Mart in Tuppers Plains. The incident remains under investigation and charges may be filed.

Sept. 2

Deputies took a report of a car backing into the Dollar General building in Tuppers Plains.

Deputies responded to a residence on Hill Road over a child custody dispute. After speaking with both parents, CPS and the court, a temporary solution was put into place until the court makes a final determination on the case.

Sept. 3

Deputies are investigating the theft of electric services from Scipio Township. Suspects have been identified and charges may be filed.

Deputies are investigating an unauthorized use of a vehicle by the victim’s son. The vehicle was later returned. Charges may be filed.

Scipio Township Trustees reported vehicles parked on the roadway on King Ridge. Units responded to the area, made contact and the situation was resolved.

Sept. 4

Trenton McClintock of Pomeroy was arrested on a probation violation. He was transported to the Middleport Jail where he awaited arraignment. He was later arraigned and released.

Deputies were advised of a possible stolen trailer being in Letart. Deputies responded and confirmed trailer was stolen out of Athens County. The property owner arrived on scene and took possession of their trailer.

Deputies responded to Syracuse in reference to a possible domestic dispute. All parties advised it was a verbal argument.

Deputies responded to Holzer Clinic after a male subject was reportedly acting suspicious and causing issues with other patients. Deputies located the male and determined that a probate order had been issued for him. The subject was taken into custody and transported to O’Bleness Hospital for a mental evaluation.

Donation Received

Sheriff Keith Wood reports that the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office recently received C.A.T.s (Combat Applicator Tourniquet), for deputies to wear on their duty belts. These tourniquets were donated to the sheriff’s office by Holzer Health Systems. Sheriff Wood would like to extent his appreciation to Holzer Health Systems for their contribution and dedication to our area law enforcement officers.

Information provided by the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office.