Speed limit revision approved for Salem Street

Staff Report

RUTLAND — The Director of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has recently approved a speed limit revision for Salem Street in the Village of Rutland between Beech Grove Road and the west corporation limit.

The revision authorizes a reduction of the speed zone from 50 miles per hour to 45 miles per hour. New signage has been erected to reflect the revised speed limit.

“Although the Village aimed for a revision that would have allowed for a 40 mile per hour speed zone, we are nevertheless appreciative of ODOT’s cooperation with us to achieve a lower speed limit in a much needed area,” commented Mayor Tyler M. Eblin. “The Village of Rutland will continue to monitor the area and receive feedback from local neighbors, and consider a second traffic study next year.”

According to ODOT, a speed limit revision of 40 miles per hour along Salem Street between Beech Grove Road and the west corporation limit is not practical based on data from a 2019 traffic study. Results from the study display motorists pacing at an average speed of 48 miles per hour. The study also concludes 0 crashes along the stretch of roadway in question and 14 residences. Because of this data, according to ODOT, a posted speed limit of less than 45 miles per hour is not reasonable.

“It’s disappointing that the law intrudes on Rutland’s ability to practice home rule and establish its own speed limits,” stated Mayor Eblin. “Nonetheless, ODOT has been excellent in their cooperation with the Village and has been assisting our community in other similar matters. This week’s speed limit revision is a step in the right direction.”

The Mayor has indicated that he will be directing the police department to increase patrol along Salem Street in an attempt to curb speed violations. Motorists are asked to slow down and drive safely through the Rutland neighborhoods.

Information provided by the Village of Rutland.

Staff Report