For the Record

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Aug. 17

Dispatch received a call from an employee of the 124 Mart advising that a male is hanging around in the store and keep trying to talk with his ex-wife, who is also an employee. A deputy was dispatched to the location. The suspect had left before he arrived, and the caller advised that he had done nothing criminal they just wanted him advised not to come back to the store. Later, the deputy located the suspect near Five Points and advised him not to return to the 124 Mart, and any further complaints on him from the store would result in a trespassing charge being filed against him. No further action was taken on this call.

Dispatch received a call from a female on Martin Street in Rutland advising that someone had been running up and down the road on a four-wheeler earlier and now someone is shining a flashlight in her window. A deputy arrived and spoke with the caller about the incident and patrolled the area. When no one was located the deputy blacked out and parked where he could see the length of the street. After a short time two subjects came out of a house and walked down the street, doing nothing wrong. When they got close to the area the deputy was setting that noticed him there and walked up and spoke with him. Their version of the incident varied from the original caller and the base of this incident is it’s an ongoing neighbor dispute. They were advised by the deputy not be riding their four-wheeler on the public roadway and the leave their neighbor alone. No further action will be taken in this situation as long as no further calls are received.

Dispatch received a call of a black car setting in the roadway blocking traffic on Dye Road. A deputy patrolled the area and located the vehicle. It was a traffic hazard, so it was towed from the scene. Later the owner called dispatch looking for her car and advised it had broken down and she was unable to get it out of the road. She was advised what she needed to do to get her car out of in pound. No further action was taken on this call.

Sgt. Jones responded to Mark Porter Dodge for reported stolen Cadillac converters/report taken.

Sgt. Jones and Deputy Hill responded to Pine Grove and Bowman’s Run for male passed out in vehicle. Male transported to Holzer ER.

Sgt. Jones well Being check on State Route 124 with EMS and Racine Fire Department.

Deputy Hill patrolled Minersville Hill area for possible suspects breaking into cars. Nothing found.

Deputies Hill and Riley responded to a possible domestic situation on State Route 681, Darwin. Suspect fled to scene before their arrival. Charges filed.

Aug. 18

Dispatch received a call from a female on Valley Belle Road, Racine advising that her brother was having a mental breakdown and they have been arguing with him over his believed meth use. He is now trying to break into their father’s car to get a gun he thinks is in there. Deputies responded and arrived on scene. The caller advised that her brother had left in a truck minutes before they arrived. She also said that no one had been assaulted and that he did not gain access to the car or any weapons. They were not interested in any criminal charge just wanted the deputies to find him and check his well being. She advised of a possible location near Forked Run that he may have went to. Deputies went and patrolled that area and located the subject at a female’s home setting in the driveway speaking to her. Deputies spoke with him about the incident and he denied any intentions to harm himself. The female stated that he could stay there, and she would take responsibility for him as long as he cooperated with her. He agreed and the deputies left the area. No further calls were received on this incident.

Dispatch received a call from a male on Third Street in Racine advising someone had stolen the rear license plate off his vehicle. A deputy was sent, and a report taken.

Sgt. Jones arrested Kristy Nelson, 31, of Middleport and Jesse Allen, 35, of Portland for outstanding warrants out of Middleport Mayor’s Court.

Deputies responded to a residence in Rutland with someone actively trying to enter the back door. When deputies arrived and checked the door it was discovered to be a canine that the owner had rehomed but had found its way back to the residence and was trying to enter the back door. No further action needed.

Deputies responded to a residence on State Route 248 to take a report on the theft of a car title. This incident remains under investigation.

A female from Albany area reported that someone fraudulently used her identification information at Sprint and caused her to receive approx. $500-600 in bills. This incident remains under investigation.

Deputies responded to McCumber Road to look for a black sports car which was in the area and acting suspiciously. Deputies contacted the subject who reported it and patrolled the area to try to locate it. No further action.

Aug. 19

Sgt Jones responded to Racine for a harassment complaint. Racine Marshal Hupp took over complaint.

Sgt. Jones and Deputy Barnhart responded to Bigley Ridge for a possible assault. Male suspect fled before their arrival. Victim refused to give a statement.

Aug. 20

Destiney Ramsey of Pomeroy was arrested on a charge of assaulting an officer.

A female reported a domestic dispute with her son. It was verbal argument parties separated.

A man in Portland reported a stolen vehicle. Vehicle was not stolen but taken by additional owner.

Deputies responded to Pleasant View Road reference suspicious person with dog. Units patrolled negative locate.

Deputies responded to Roy Jones Road for a domestic dispute.

A resident of State Route 681 reported a burglary at his residence.

Deputies handled a lockout on Main Street, Pomeroy

A woman reported that her ex came to her residence violating the protection order she has against him.

Deputies took a report of medicine being stolen at a residence in Tuppers Plains. This incident remains under investigation. Anyone with any information is asked to call The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office at 740-992-3371.

Deputies took a report about a subject who had been booked into Middleport Jail with counterfeit money in his possession. This incident remains under investigation.

Aug. 21

Josh Rathburn of Pomeroy was arrested on charges of domestic violence, resisting arrest, and assault on an officer.

A woman in Portland reported that her brother was at her residence causing problems.

Deputies responded to a report of domestic violence on Dusky Street in Syracuse. Male subject left on foot officer patrolled for him but did not locate.

A woman filed report reference a man stealing her phone so she stole his phone. Phones were returned to proper owners and all parties advised to stay away from each other.

Deputies responded to Bald knob Stiversville reference civil matter over eviction.

Deputies responded to a disturbance on Dusky Street, Syracuse. Several calls came in about a male causing problems. Units patrolled for him but was unable to locate. Subject has been identified.

Aug. 22

Deputies responded to Martin Street, Rutland on a neighbor dispute.

A woman filed a theft report of a stolen kayak.

Charlotte Creelman was arrested in Madison County on a warrant through Meigs County.

Donald Edwards of Syracuse was arrested on warrants and charged with disorderly conduct for alleged incidents reported the previous night.

Deputies were called for a suspicious vehicle on Painter Ridge. Units patrolled area performing traffic stop.

Deputies assisted OSP with non injury crash at the park and ride on State Route 7.

Deputies received a report of a male in the middle of the road on State Route 833. An officer patrolled the area and did not locate the subject.

Aug. 23

Deputies were called to Carleton Street, Syracuse reference to filing report on stolen bike. The bike was recovered and returned to the owner.

Deputies handled a lockout Walnut Street, Middleport.

An inmate was transport from Monroe County Jail to Marietta Memorial Hospital reference mental health.

Deputies were called for an EMS assist State Route 7/Storys Run, the was vehicle gone prior to arrival.

Deputies were called to Reedsville on a report of a runaway juvenile. Juvenile returned before officers made it on scene.

Suspicious person reported BP One Stop in Tuppers Plains. Officers patrolled and did not locate anyone at the location. Officers did locate a male walking on State Route 7 that was walking because his vehicle was broke down. Officers assisted him to his destination.

Officers assisted OSP with a crash on State Route 143.

Information provided by the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office.