For the Record

Meigs County Sheriff’s Office

Aug. 8

Deputies patrolled for cows on Rocksprings Road. Negative locate.

Deputies were called to a civil dispute over property lines.

Deputies patrolled School Lot Road Long Bottom report of suspicious vehicle. Negative contact.

Deputies responded to Water’s Edge Apartments on a report of menacing threats.

Deputies responded to Happy Hollow Road for two ducks stolen from residence.

Aug. 9

Deputies responded to Leading Creek Road neighbor dispute. One half of the dispute gone upon arrival.

Deputies took a report of a possible domestic dispute on State Route 143. No address given. Deputies patrolled the area negative locate.

A man requested officers because his son just arrived next door. All parties were ran off by property owner before deputies arrived.

Deputies received a report of two side by sides driving recklessly on State Route 143. Officers attempted to stop vehicles and were unsuccessful as they hit an off-road trail on Baily Run Road.

Dispatch received a call of a suspicious car off the road on State Route 7 near Hobson Drive. Deputies respond and it was determined to be an abandon crash. A Middleport Officer arrived on scene and the crash investigation was turned over to him as it was inside the village limits. Deputies patrolled the area looking for the driver. He was not found.

Dispatch received a call from a driver advising that she had passed a male along the road on State Route 143 near Mount Union Road and it appeared that he was beating a child. Deputies arrived in the area and patrolled both State Route 143 and Mount Union Road. Contact was made with a subject working in his yard in the area that advised that he saw a man walking but no child, and that he had been picked up by a vehicle. Another search of the area was made. No suspect or victim was found. No further action was taken on this call.

Aug. 10

Dispatch received a call from a female in Harrisonville advising that she had been assaulted by her brother. She stated she had walked to a nearby house and is afraid to return home. A deputy was dispatched to the female’s location and took a report of the incident. He then went to the scene of the incident in an attempt to arrest the male involved. No one was found to be home at the house. A charge of domestic violence has been signed by the deputy on the suspect and a warrant is expected to be issued for his arrest. No names are being released at this time involving this incident because the victim in a juvenile.

Dispatch received a call from a female on Ball Run Road advising that she and her husband have been arguing about a divorce and he is now in the basement listening to loud music. She stated she is concerned about his mental state and there are guns in the house. Deputies responded and spoke with both subjects extensively. Neither were alleging that any crime had occurred. The male had not made any threats to harm himself and others and the guns in the home had not been mentioned by either of them during the arguments. It was determined to be just a noncriminal family dispute. Deputies offered to assist either of the subjects to leave the home for the night if they wished, both refused. They were advised if anything criminal happened to call them back and left the scene. No further calls were received.

Deputies are investigating a report of a protection order violation. The case remains under investigation and charges may be filed.

Aug. 11

Dispatch received a call from a male on Bigley Ridge Road advising that he has been arguing with his girlfriend and needs a deputy. A deputy arrived on scene and was advised that the female had left before he arrived. The male was upset because she had thrown his phone in the yard when she left. A call was made to the male’s phone and it was found to be in his bedroom. Both subjects were intoxicated, nothing criminal had happened. No further action was taken on this call.

Deputies responded to a request from Chillicothe VA to do a well-being check on a subject in Meigs County. Deputies contacted family members who reported the subject was currently in Columbus. No further action taken.

Deputies arrested a Racine subject for violating a protection order. The subject was incarcerated pending his court hearing.

Aug. 12

Deputies responded to an alarm at a residence on Beech Grove. The residence was secure, no further action taken.

Aug. 13

Deputies responded to a residence on Bald Knob Stiversville Road on a complaint of a landlord setting the tenants belongings outside the residence. The deputies explained the eviction process and left the residence. No further action taken.

Deputies are investigating a burglary at a residence on Zion Road. The property owner had been gone a couple days and upon returning noticed the residence had been broken into and several items missing. Some of the missing items include a new Samsung washer and dryer set, a 55” Samsung TV and $500 in cash. Anyone with any information about this case is asked to call The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office at 740-992-3371.

Aug. 15

Dispatch received a call of an ATV roll over at a residence on Harris Road near Reedsville. The caller was requesting a squad for a female that had a head injury from the crash. A deputy was dispatched along with the squad to the scene. The deputy arrived on scene and gathered as much information for the crash report as he could. The female was transported by the squad to the ER for her injuries. Several people were at the scene and no one was forthcoming with information about the accident. Everyone at the scene appeared to be intoxicated including the injured female and all claimed not to know who the driver of the crashed ATV was. This incident remains under investigation and charges may by pending.

Aug. 16

Dispatch received a call about two intoxicated people walking on State Route 833 headed into Pomeroy. Both a Pomeroy PD unit and a deputy patrolled the area, the subjects were not found. No further action was taken on this call.

Information provided by the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office.