Southern Local honors students

Staff Report

RACINE — It may not have been the traditional end to the 2019-20 school year, with many celebrations and events canceled, but that is not stopping Southern Local from honoring its students.

Southern Local recently announced students recognized for their academic achievements for the 2019-20 school year.

“Due to COVID-19 we were unable to properly celebrate their success with our annual academic banquet. We feel it is important that their academic efforts be acknowledged,”stated the district in announcing the honorees.

“Student selection shall be based on accumulative academic achievement without any rounding up of grade point average.

To be honored at the banquet, a student must have the following criteria:

1. (Grades 4- 12) Be in the top 15% of their class. This number will be determined by the total number of students in the class by the end of the third grading period. (Grades 9 -12 will use weighted accumulative GPA and will include any and all “specials” that receive a letter grade (A, B, C, D, or F).

2. This selection is based on the student’s accumulative weighted GPA at the end of the first semester and must be on A/B honor roll during third nine weeks.”

All honorees will still receive the medal they would have been bestowed at the academic banquet. (* notes that this child would have also been honored at the county academic banquet)

12th Grade — Baylee Wolfe*, Raeven Reedy*, Phoenix Cleland*, Avery King*, Shelby Cleland, Addalynne Matson, Coltin Parker, Parker Corbitt;

11th Grade — Kyler Rogers, David Shaver, Sara Kaposzta, Kristin McKay, Caelin Seth, Kylie Gheen, Jayden Johnson, Arrow Drummer;

10th Grade — Lincoln Rose*, John Lisle*, Weston Smith, Ellie Powell, Isaac McCarty, Logan Greenlee, Rachel Jackson, Brooke Crisp, Bradley Reitmire, Lillian Allen;

9th Grade — Jake Roush, Madison Jones, Damien Miller, Elizabeth Smith, Braydon Essick, Layne Reuter, Aubrey Stobart, Jerry Smith;

8th Grade — Brayden Otto*, Chloe Rizer*, Ava Roush, Alexis Smith, Lauren Smith, Dana Card, Kaiden Michael, Jace Hill;

7th Grade — Katie Brooker, Beverly “Jorja” Lisle, Audrianna Herrera, Marlo Norris, Timberlyn Templeton,Carson Reuter, Ally Anderson, Xander Fisher, Ava Circle;

6th Grade — Kiersten Rose*, Cole Smith*, Jaylynn Hupp, Murphy Dunfee, Noah Leachman, Wyatt Smith, Nathan Shuster, David Kemppel, Bryan Venegas-Mendoza, Audrey Riffle, Olivia Hanna;

5th Grade — Sophie Popp, Sydney Stout, Caden Hupp, Sophie Ward, Allison Bradbury, Izzy Cornell, Annabella Russell, Piper Hill;

4th Grade — Olivia Dill*, Emma Leachman*, Isebella Morrison, Blake Hudson, Connor Fisher, Liam Parsons, Landon Jones, and Elijah Bailey.

Information provided by Southern High School Principal Daniel Otto.

Staff Report