Artisan Shoppe holds family digital gallery

Staff Report

GALLIPOLIS — In the efforts to “always maintain the beauty and power of the arts in our community” The Artisan Shoppe & Studio says it has assembled an online gallery reception for five artists in one family; the local mother and daughter’s exhibit that has hung unviewed by the public due to the current pandemic.

The gallery “Art in the Family” can be viewed on The Artisan Shoppe & Studio Facebook page, and is comprised of the various medium works of mother Kelly Neal, and her daughters Emalea, Amee, Amanda, and Kelle.

Kelly Neal is note for her work in painting, marker and poetry. Kelly has had several poems published in local papers and church newsletters.

Emalea works in pencil, oils and paints. Emalea graduated from The University of Rio Grande with a BFA in visual Arts. She takes commissions in pencil and oil portraits, and mural paintings, having several murals in the Rio Grande area, and artworks published.

Amee work in marker, pencil, window art, comics, bookmarks, and fan art. Amee has published children’s book illustrations, and is certified in Wilton Cake Decorating.

Amanda works in pencil, paints, photography, theater. Amanda achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theater performance at Marshall University and will complete her education in 2021 with a MFA in acting at Ohio University.

Kelle works in comic art, painting, oil pastels, pencil, pen and ink and window art. Kelle is certified in graphic design and creates art displays for sales advertisement at Huntington Bookstore. She also takes commission work.

To celebrate these ladies and bring their art to the community during this time, The Artisan Shoppe & Studio will share their local gallery digitally.

“We are so honored to be able to host such a talented and diversely artistic family in our gallery. This is the first time that we’ve exclusively been able to feature family members together in one of our shows and we’re proud to be able to share all of their talents with our community,” said Artisan Shoppe Director Kelsey Kerr.

The Artisan Shoppe & Studio is an art gallery committed to promoting and educating arts and culture in the community through its galleries, classes, artisan market, and local involvement. It is located at 749 Third Avenue, Gallipolis.

Information provided by The Artisan Shoppe & Studio.

Staff Report