Commissioners approve Dangerous Wild Animal Response team

By Lorna Hart -

POMEROY — Meigs County Commissioners met last Thursday to discuss several important issues, including a contract between Meigs County Deportment of Jobs and Family Services and the sheriff’s office, successful road and bridge projects in 2015 and approval of members for a Dangerous Wild Animal Response Team.

County Engineer Eugene Triplett presented the commissioners with the annual report and said 2015 was a good year for the county. Triplet said he was proud of the job the crews did to improve the county roads. The work included 35 miles of hot mix pavement and four new bridges and significant improvement to three others.

Most of the paving came from a $3.12 m project that was 80 percent funded by the Federal Highway Administration’s County Service Transportation Program and 20 percent by the county. Some of the 20 percent was offset by Ohio Department of Transportation grants.

An ODOT statewide program to replace bridges at no cost to local governments paid for some of the bridges and funding was found for the remaining bridges mentioned.

A contract was approved that allows the Department of Meigs County Department of Jobs And Family Services to provide the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office with a family violence investigator for a one-year contract April 6, 2016, until April 5, 2017.

Meigs County Prosecutor Colleen Williams was granted funds to comply with records retention and disposal policies. She also proposed hiring Katie Gilkey, graduating Meigs High School senior, for a summer term. Approval for the hiring was postponed due to questions about what funds would be used to employee the new hire.

Information concerning the Dangerous Wild Animal Response Team was presented to the commissioners by Jamie Jones, Meigs County Emergency Management Agency.

The team is a response planning entity, whose counsel and services will augment Meigs County’s standard emergency response. Members of the team include Keith Wood, Meigs County Sheriff Department; Frank Gorscak, Meigs County Health Department; Coleen MurphySmith, Meigs County Canine Rescue and Adoption Center; Harry Spencer, Bashan Volunteer Fire Department; Jordan Pickens, media contact; Jamie Jones, E.M.A.; Robert Jacks Meigs County E.M.S.; and Randy Smith, Meigs County Commissioner’s office.

The commissioners approved the applications for membership of the above individuals for the response team.

More information concerning the Dangerous Animal Response Plan and Team will be published in an upcoming edition of The Daily Sentinel.

For more information on road improvements throughout the county, go to, and search for a Sept. 20, 2015 article titled, “Meigs County road, bridge projects at all-time high.”

The Meigs County Commissioners meet each Thursday at 11 a.m. at the courthouse in Pomeroy.

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By Lorna Hart