Vote by mail deadline less than two weeks away

By Sarah Hawley -

OHIO VALLEY — There will be no in person voting for the 2020 Primary Election in Ohio, with vote by mail to end in two weeks.

After the March 17 in person voting was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ohio Legislature set April 28 as the day voting concludes for the election, with voting only by mail until that date.

Voters have until noon on April 25 to request an absentee ballot, although earlier this week Lt. Gov. Jon Husted encouraged people not to wait until the last minute as there is a turnaround time with things coming in the mail and being sent back to the Board of Elections.

A written application must be submit in order to receive an absentee ballot. The application can be found online at or is available by contacting your local board of elections. When completing the application, the date of the election to be listed is 03/17/2020.

If you choose to mail your application, send it in Meigs County to the Meigs County Board of Elections at 113 E. Memorial Dr., Suite A, Pomeroy, Ohio 45769, or in Gallia County to Gallia County Board of Elections, 18 Locust St., Gallipolis, Ohio 45631. There is no digital submission of applications, the board of elections must receive the paper form with your original signature.

If you are unable to print the application from the website, an application can be mailed by calling the Meigs County Board of Elections at 740-992-2697 or the Gallia County Board of Elections at 740-446-1600.

Voters will also be receiving a postcard in the mail from the Secretary of State’s Office with instructions on how to receive an absentee ballot.

Ballots returned by mail must be postmarked by April 27, or sooner, in order to be counted.

Voters who already voted, you do not need to request a new ballot. All votes previously cast by mail or in-person will be counted.

According to the, tabulation of votes will begin on April 28 after the 7:30 p.m. deadline, but will be unofficial and may not include all absentee ballots. The official results will not be available until May 8.

Meigs County

On the Republican ballot, voters will select between candidates for Treasurer, Recorder and two commissioner seats, with other candidates running unopposed.

Incumbent Treasurer Peggy Yost is challenged by B.J. Smith Kreseen. For Recorder, Tony Carnahan, Huey Eason, Jimmy Stewart, and Adam Will are running on the Republican ballot to fill the seat of Kay Hill who is not seeking reelection.

Commissioner Randy Smith is challenged by Shannon H. Miller, while Commissioner Jimmy Will is challenged by Gary A. Coleman.

Republicans running unopposed are incumbents Juvenile/Probate Judge L. Scott Powell, Prosecutor James K. Stanley, Clerk of Courts Sammi Mugrage; and Engineer Eugene Triplett. Mony Wood is the lone Repubican candidate for Sheriff and will face incumbent Sheriff Keith Wood (an independent) in the fall.

Republican Central Committee canddidates are Bedford: Gene Romine; Columbia: Marco R. Jeffers; Letart: David Fox; North Olive: Cheryl L. Gumpf; South Olive: William Osborne; Orange: Eugene Triplett; East Rutland: Wilma J. Davidson; Salem: Thomas Gannaway; Middleport 2nd: Sandy Iannarelli; Middleport 3rd: Marilyn Anderson; Pomeroy 1st: Judith Sisson; Pomeroy 3rd: Bill Spaun; Bradbury: Edward Durst; Laurel Cliff: Marjorie Fetty; Rocksprings: Norman Price; Scipio: Randy Butcher; Racine Village: Robert Beegle; Syracuse Village: Kay Hill; Minersville: Anna Norman; Racine: Brett Jones.

No Democrats filled for county-wide office in Meigs County.

Democrat Central Committee candidates are Bedford: Sonia Jennings; West Chester: Paula Wood; Columia: Mary Canter; Lebanon: Lawrence Hayman; Orange: James Nally; Rutland Village: Samuel Bruce May; East Rutland: Karen Williams; Salem: Beverly Davis; Middleport 3rd: Evelyn Bauer; Middleport 4th: Olita Heighton; Pomeroy 2nd: Rebecca Triplett; Pomeroy 3rd: Linda Mayer; Bradbury: Vicki C. Martin; Scipio: Gregory Howard.

Other regional and state races to be voted on by Meigs County voters include State Representative and State Senator with Republicans State Rep. Jay Edwards and State Senator Frank Hoagland unopposed on the Republican ballot. Democrat Michael Fletcher will challenge Hoagland in the fall.

Local liquor options will appear on the ballot for Reed’s Country Store (South Olive precinct) and Langsville Gas and Grocery (West Rutland precinct).

Gallia County

In Gallia County, running for a seat as a Gallia County Commissioner, Scott Williamson of Crown City looks to be the sole Democrat seeking a county commissioner seat in the fall. Q. Jay Stapleton of Crown City will be running against fellow Republican and incumbent, Brent Saunders, in the primary.

Randall Adkins of Bidwell will be the sole Democrat running for a seat of Gallia Commissioner in the fall. Incumbent and Gallia Commissioner David Smith faces fellow Republican, Gene Greene of Gallipolis, in the spring primary. Mark Danner has announced he will be running as an independent candidate for Gallia Commissioner in the fall.

Gallia Prosecutor Jason Holdren and Gallia County Clerk of Courts Noreen Saunders are both running against no Republican competition.

Jimmy Spears of Gallipolis will be running for the position of Gallia Sheriff as the sole Democrat this fall. Incumbent Gallia Sheriff Matt Champlin of Gallipolis faces fellow Republican, Richard Harrison II of Bidwell, in the spring primary election.

Gallia Recorder Roger Walker of Bidwell has no spring Republican competition. Republican and Gallia Engineer Brett Boothe also will also have no spring competition. Gallia Probate and Juvenile Court Judge Thomas Moulton Jr. and Gallia Treasurer Steve McGhee also have no spring competition as Republicans.

Candidates seeking a position as the 93rd District Ohio State House Representative include Republicans Jeff Halley of Crown City and Jason Stephens of Kitts Hill.

The 2020 party central committee filings include Robert Jenkins, Democrat, with Gallipolis Precinct One. Republican Troy Johnson filed with Gallipolis Precinct two and Republican Robbie Jacks with Gallipolis Precinct Three. Democrat Russell Rumley filed with Addison Township precinct and Republican Kimberly VanMeter also filed with Addison Township Precinct.Democrat Carole Roush and Republican Randy Mulford filed with Cheshire Township Precinct. Democrat Gwendolyn Doss and Republican Kennison Saunders filed with Clay Township Precinct. Democrat John Burnett and Republican Brett Boothe filed with Gallipolis Township Precinct. Republicans Harold Montgomery and Brent Billing filed with Green Township Precinct One. Republican William Burleson filed with Green Township Precinct Two. Republican Russ Moore filed with Green Township Precinct Four. Democrat Raymond Matura and Republican Cynthia Graham filed with Green Township Precinct Precinct Five.

Democrat Randall Hammond and Republican James Potter filed with Greenfield Township Precinct. Republican John Baker, Jr., filed with Guyan Pct. Democrat Jeff Fowler and Republican Jeff Halley filed with Guyan Township Precinct. Republican Charlene Ward filed with Harrison Township Precinct. Democrat Mary Deel and Republican Samuel Sowards, Jr., filed with Huntington Township Precinct. Democrat Randall Adkins and Republican Molly Hash filed with Morgan Township Precinct. Republican Michael Daines filed with Ohio Township Precinct. Republican James Blair filed with Perry Township Precinct. Republican Connie Metzler filed with Centerville Precinct. Democrat Jennifer Easter filed with Raccoon Township Precinct. Republican William Skidmore filed with Bidwell Precinct. Republican David Roush filed with Springfield Township Precinct One. Republican Tiffany Duncan and Democrat Eric Whitt filed with Springfield Township Precinct Two. Democrat Debra Elliott and Republican Jay Carter filed with Walnut Township Precinct. Republican Charla Whobrey filed with Addison Precinct.

Dr. Daniel Whiteley is running as a write-in candidate for Gallia Coroner.

For additional information contact the Meigs County Board of Elections at (740) 992-2697 or email us at or the Gallia County Board of Elections at 740-446-1600 or visit

Ohio Valley Publishing staff writer Dean Wright contributed to this report.

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By Sarah Hawley

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.