Racine to apply for Neighborhood Revitalization Grant

Staff Report

POMEROY — The Village of Racine will have the opportunity for the 2020 Neighborhood Revitalization Grant Program following a decision by the Meigs County Commissioners.

Racine Mayor Scott Hill and Middleport Mayor Fred Hoffman, each accompanied by additional village representatives, presented final information to the commissioners during last week’s regular meeting before the unanimous vote by the board for Racine to apply.

Racine last received the grant in 2010, according to the discussion, with Middleport having last received the funding in 2014. The grant, which can be applied for by one applicant from the county every two years, is valued at up to $750,000.

Racine was the applicant in the 2018 grant year, but did not receive funding. The commissioners noted that there did not seem to be a good reason why the grant application was rejected, with the only thing noted being lack of community support. They noted that the village had letters of support of multiple groups in the community, but that there is not a large number in the community. While five or six letters of support may represent a very small percentage in some communities, for villages like Racine, it would be a 100 percent participating.

Surveys are being planned to seek community recommendations on projects to including in the application as public meetings are likely not a possibility before the application deadline.

Regarding additional grant programs, Buckeye Hills Regional Council announced this week that the deadline to apply has been extended the deadline for the 2020 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Allocation Program and Community Development Implementation Strategy (CDIS).

Some eligible activities are as follows: centers for the handicapped; curbs and sidewalks; fire protection facilities and equipment; flood drainage facilities; parking facilities; parks and recreation facilities; water and sewer; as well as many others.

The pre-applications are now due to the Meigs County Commissioners, 100 E. 2nd Street, #301, Pomeroy, Ohio by 4 p.m. on May 1, 2020.

In order to apply for any of the CDBG programs you must submit information to be included on the Community Development Implementation Strategy (CDIS). This information is due to Anthony Iachini, Buckeye Hills Regional Council by April 24th at 4 p.m. The information can be submitted to Anthony by email at aiachini@buckeyehills.org.

Questions regarding these programs and the CDIS should be directed to Anthony Iachini, Development Site Coordinator, via email at aiachini@buckeyehills.org or via phone at 740-376-7661.

To learn more about Buckeye Hills Regional Council, visit www.buckeyehills.org, call 740-374-9436 or 1-800-331-2644 (toll free), or email info@buckeyehills.org

Staff Report