Mayor approaches commissioners about grant application

By Sarah Hawley -

POMEROY — Middleport Mayor Fred Hoffman spoke with the Meigs County Commissioners during their recent meeting, discussing a possible Neighborhood Revitalization Grant for the village.

Hoffman, who was accompanied by Building Inspector Mike Hendrickson and Village Administrator Joe Woodall, presented information to the commissioners regarding projects the village would look to take on if awarded the funding.

The Mayor explained that they would like to do work on sidewalks in the village, paving on residential streets, work on the water tank and improvements at the park, possibly a skate board area where the batting cages used to be located. He added that they would like to work with The Blakeslee Center (Council on Aging) and the Meigs Historical Society and Museum to possibly include work at their buildings in the grant. Other projects could include demolition of houses, fire department needs and work on the village parking lot and roof.

Meigs County is eligible to submit one application for the Neighborhood Revitalization Grant every two years. The commissioners stated they have also received a letter from Racine expressing interest in applying for the program this year. Racine’s previous application was submitted in 2018 but did not receive funding.

There are income guidelines which must be met by the village or township applying for the funding, including an LMI (low to moderate income) population of 51 percent or higher. Hoffman stated hat Middleport’s current LMI is 68 percent, placing them well within the guideline.

The application must be submitted by April 1, with the commissioners expected to make a decision on which application to proceed with in the near future.

In other business, Hendrickson asked for an update on the status of the Land Bank. Commissioner Jimmy Will said that the board will be formed following the election, as it is to include two commissioners, the treasurer, a representative from the largest village and one additional person.

County resident Adam Will asked the board for clarification on a statement in the resolution passed during the previous meeting regarding “illegal MOUs” mentioned in the quarterly spending plan resolution for the sheriff’s office.

Commissioner Randy Smith stated that it deals with the MOUs not being presented to the commissioners and that all contracts must be approved by the commissioners. The MOUs, Smith said, were discovered when looking into a deputy who resides out of county driving his cruiser home.

The commissioners tabled action regarding the appointment of individuals to the Buckeye Hills Regional Council executive committee. Currently Commissioner Tim Ihle is on the committee, with Commissioner Will as an alternate and Brian Howard is a private sector member. One additional private sector appointee is needed.

Discussion took place on two abandoned properties which had been serviced by the Meigs County Sewer and Water District. The commissioners took action to stop service on the properties and to place assessments on the property taxes for the back balances due.

The commissioners meet each week at 11 a.m. on Thursday.

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By Sarah Hawley

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.