Meigs sheriff advises caution on commutes

Staff Report

OHIO VALLEY — Meigs County Sheriff Keith Wood is urging citizens to use caution when driving home in the evenings.

Wood reports that his office is investigating two robberies that had occurred this week.

The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office received a call last night from a female stating that a car had followed her to her residence on Bailey Run Road in Pomeroy from Gallipolis. The vehicle stopped at the end of her driveway as she pulled into her residence and a male asked for directions. As the female was attempting to help the male, the suspect attempted to steal her purse. The male suspect was unsuccessful in his attempt to steal the purse as the victim’s husband intervened.

On March 28, the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office received its first call of an incident such as this. Wood reports that his office received a phone call from a female stating she was coming home from work from Gallipolis in the early morning hours when she noticed a car was following her. The female informed officers she had pulled into her driveway on Morning Star Road in Racine, and as she got out of the car she noticed a male occupant from the car standing next to hers. The male then asked for directions and while doing so successfully grabbed the female’s handbag and fled the area.

Wood reports that his office is looking into both incidents and says citizens should use caution and know their surroundings when driving home. If a person suspects that a vehicle is following them, and they are unsure of who it may be, to not go home. Call the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office at 740-992-3371 or call 911, or drive to the closest law enforcement agency.

Wood also said his office has received several calls about family members needing money.

Wood said residents must use extreme caution when receiving phone calls requesting money transfers. Residents have received phone calls stating that a loved one was involved in a car accident and has been incarcerated. A specific amount of money is requested for the release of the loved one. They are also placing the alleged family member on the phone.

Once the money is received they are called back requesting more money for an injured passenger complaining of neck pain. They have even provided the residents with contact information for a public defender provided for the alleged family member. The money transferred is going to outside countries and there is no way to recover these monies once it has been sent.

The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office strongly warns the elderly of this particular scam for they are being targeted. In this scam the alleged family member is a grandchild.

Staff Report