BHCC discusses Meigs expansion

Staff Report

OHIO VALLEY — With word that Meigs County may be seeing a new expansion of Buckeye Hills Career Center programs circulating, Buckeye Hills Superintendent Jamie Nash cleared the air and said that the center is considering the possibility but has made no formal announcement.

“We are only in the discussion stages of researching additional adult education options for the county as well,” wrote Nash in an email. “We need to get the residents of Meigs County access to career technical education programs offered through Ohio Technical Centers (which is adult education offered through the local joint vocational school district). We would love to be that center, if possible, since we already have a footprint within Meigs County. The following variables are being researched for consideration: transportation services for residents to access these programs and other locations within Meigs County to conduct adult education programs. We believe that this can be accomplished through a partnership with multiple stakeholders, especially the local districts within Meigs County, other local Ohio Technical Centers and the University of Rio Grande.”

Nash said that Meigs County is being served by Buckeye Hills through following programs. ASPIRE, which is located at the Meigs Job and Family Services building provide free services for individuals who need assistance acquiring the skills to be successful in post-secondary education and training, and employment. Local programs offer classes at flexible locations and on different times to meet needs. All students are required to attend orientation where an assessment is given to help determine the individual’s educational needs and goals. Services available included lessons in basic math, reading and writing skills, adult secondary education and high school equivalence preparation, English for speakers of other languages, transition services to help students develop essential skills for employment and post-secondary education, life skills, employability skills and computer literacy. Workplace education is offered in conjunction with an employer to increase productivity of the employee.

Some Meigs County students take part in Buckeye Hills’ adult education program learning HVAC, practical nursing, welding, power lineman skills and cosmetology. The center is also looking to include a state-tested nursing assistant program, which will be located in Pomeroy for adult students. The program is set to launch in the spring.

Staff Report