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Five students to begin paid internships

By Sarah Hawley -

ROCKSPRINGS — Five Meigs High School students will be spending time this semester working at paid internships thanks to a program with Rural Action and the school.

Students, their parents and the employers met last week for a kick-off luncheon, discussing the first of its kind program at the school.

The program through Rural Action is grant funded and began last year with a group of students at Athens High School. This year, the program expanded when Amy Perrin was approached with the idea of bringing Meigs on board.

The grant funding paid for four internships for MHS students, explained Perrin. When reaching out to the area businesses with the idea Jennifer Chapman Kleski of Kleski Environmental Services offered to pay for one additional spot. She also represents the Pomeroy Merchants Association, which is also taking part in the program.

Students taking part, along with the company they will be working with, are Corbyn Broderick with Pickering

Associates, a multi-discipline architecture, engineering and surveying design firm; Michael Kesterson with Davis Pickering, an industrial construction company; Alyssa Leib with Holzer Meigs Clinic; Bobby Musser with Kleski Environmental Services, an environmental consulting company; and Sophie Quillen with the Pomeroy Merchants Association.

The students will work 40 to 60 hours during the semester.

During the kick-off luncheon, the students, parents and employers had an opportunity to go over a goal-setting worksheet discussing the work the student would be doing as well as their schedule availability.

As part of the internship requirements, the students will be turning in weekly journal reflections about their internship experience. At the end of the internship, each student will be required to do a presentation at a professional meeting detailing their experience throughout the internship.

In addition to being paid for the internship, the students will receive a half course credit for successful completion of the internship.

The internship program was open to any Meigs High School student. Ten students applied to be part of the initial program, with five ultimately selected.

Organizers are hopeful to continue the program next school year depending on available funding.
Five students to begin paid internships

By Sarah Hawley

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.