Chester VFD elects officer, recaps 2019

CHESTER — The Chester Volunteer Fire Department recently held its first meeting of 2020, electing officers and recapping 2019.

Officers elected were President Roy Lee Bailey, Vice President Matt Foster, Secretary Michael Pooler Jr., Treasurer Charles Radford, Records Manager Kaitlyn Edwards, and Board of Directors John Ridenour.

Line officers elected were Chief Dave Edwards, First Assistant Chief John Ridenour, Second Assistant Chief Roy Lee Bailey, Captain Elmer Newell, Engine 51 Lt. Marvin Taylor and assistant Kaitlyn Edwards, Engine 52 Lt. Michael Pooler Jr. and assistant Ryan Lauer, Tanker 54 Lt. Matt Foster and assistant Michael Hupp, Rescue 58 Lt. Don Whan and assistant Ashley Pooler, ATV and in house equipment Lt. Larry Lee and assistant Charles Radford.

During 2019, the department responded to the following calls for service:

Structure fire: 12

Wild land fire: 3

Auto fire: 3

Haz-mat conditions: 7

Motor vehicle crash: 19

Tree down: 6

Service calls: 11



Automatic Aid: Received, 0; Given, 9.

Mutual Aid: Received, 6; Given, 87.

Mileage driven for 2019 was as follows: Engine 51, 646; Engine 52, 677; Tanker 54, 1,285; Rescue 58, 1,221; ATV 5, 49; Total of 3,878 miles.

The Chester Volunteer Fire Department meets regularly at the station on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Anyone who might be interested in the fire department and/or becoming a member is invited to attend one of the meetings. The department expressed their appreciation for the support of the community during the past year.

Submitted by the Chester Volunteer Fire Department.