Candidates certified for ballot

By Sarah Hawley -

POMEROY — Meigs County voters will see four contested county-wide races on the March 2020 Primary Election Ballot after petitions were certified by the Meigs County Board of Elections.

Four candidates will vie for the Republican nomination for county recorder, to fill the position being vacated by Kay Hill, who is not seeking reelection. Two Republican candidates will appear on the ballot for each of the following: commissioner (seat 2), commissioner (seat 3), and treasurer.

Candidates who had petitions certified to appear on the March ballot were as follows:

Recorder — Tony Carnahan (R), Huey Eason (R), Jimmy Stewart (R), Adam Will (R).

Commissioner (seat 2) — Shannon H. Miller (R), Randy Smith (R).

Commissioner (seat 3) — Gary A. Coleman (R), Jimmy Will (R).

Treasurer — Bonne J. (B.J.) Kreseen (R), Peggy Yost (R).

Clerk of Courts — Sammi Sisson Mugrage (R).

Juvenile/Probate Judge — L. Scott Powell (R).

Prosecuting Attorney — James K. Stanley (R).

Engineer — Eugene Triplett (R).

Sheriff — Mony Wood (R).

No Democrats filed for county-wide office.

Non-partisan candidates have until March 16, 2020, to file petitions to run in the November General Election.

Candidates certified to appear on the ballot for County Central Committee are as follows:

Bedford: Democrat, Sonia Jennings; Republican, Gene E. Romine;

East Chester: Democrat, none; Republican, none;

West Chester: Democrat, Paula Wood; Republican, none;

Columbia: Democrat, Mary Carter; Republican, Marco R. Jeffers;

Lebanon: Democrat: Lawrence Hayman; Republican, none;

Letart: Democrat: none; Republican: David Fox;

North Olive: Democrat: none; Republican, Cheryl L. Gumpf;

South Olive: Democrat: none; Republican: William Osborne;

Orange: Democrat: James Nally; Republican: Eugene Triplett;

Rutland Village: Democrat: Samuel Bruce May; Republican: none;

East Rutland: Democrat: Karen Williams; Republican: Wilma J. Davidson;

West Rutland: Democrat: none; Republican: none;

Salem: Democrat: Beverly Davis; Republican: Thomas Gannaway;

Middleport 2nd: Democrat: none; Republican: Sandy Iannarelli;

Middleport 3rd: Democrat: Evelyn Bauer; Republican: Marilyn Anderson;

Middleport 4th: Democrat: Olita Heighton; Republican: none;

Pomeroy 1st: Democrat: none; Republican: Judith R. Sisson;

Pomeroy 2nd: Democrat: Rebecca Triplett; Republican: none;

Pomeroy 3rd: Democrat: Linda Mayer; Republican: Bill Spaun;

Bradbury: Democrat: Vicki C. Martin; Republican: Edward Durst;

Laurel Cliff: Democrat: none; Republican: Marjorie Fetty;

Rocksprings: Democrat: none; Republican: Norman Price;

Scipio: Democrat: Gregory Howard; Republican: Randy Butcher;

Racine Village: Democrat: none; Republican: Robert Beegle;

Syracuse village: Democrat: none; Republican: Kay Hill;

Minersville: Democrat: none; Republican: Anna Norman;

Racine: Democrat: none; Republican: Brett Jones.

Local liquor options were filed by Reed’s Country Store and Langsville Gas and Grocery.

In addition to the county-wide races, votes will be deciding on State Senator and Representative, U.S. Representative and Senator and President of the United States. Petitions for those races are filed in other counties, and therefore a complete list of certified candidates is not yet available.

The Primary Election will be held on March 17, 2020.

By Sarah Hawley

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.