Meigs Election Results 2016

Lorna Hart -

Voters go to the polls at Mullberry Commity Center.

POMEROY —The results are in for the 2016 Meigs County Primary, with fresh and familiar faces claiming victory.

With 100 percent of Meigs’ 27 precincts reporting and all absentee votes counted, the unofficial results were announced by the Board of Elections at 9:11 p.m.

Randy Smith wins re-election for county commissioner with 2,784 votes over Larry Tucker with 2,007.

In the race for Meigs County prosecutor, challenger James Stanley was successful against incumbent Colleen Williams, defeating her by a vote 3,184 to 1,627 .

Incumbent Clerk of Courts Diane Lynch’s 2,171 votes were not enough to beat challenger Sammi Mugrage with 2,632.

Current County Recorder Kay Hill won another term in office as she easily defeated challenger Huey Eason by a vote of 3,199 to Eason’s 1,536.

Two county incumbents ran unopposed, including County Treasurer Peggy Yost, who received 4,152 votes, and County Engineer Eugene Triplett receiving 3,911.

All primary candidates ran on the Republican ticket, and winners for the county positions will run unopposed in the November election.

According to the Board of Elections, voter turnout in today’s primary saw 6,872 of the counties 14,702, or 46.74 percent of registered Meigs voters, go to the polls. That number represents 1,354 Democrats, 4,170 Republicans and three Green Party voters.

Voters in Meigs County also went to the polls Tuesday choosing candidates in national and state races.

After a hotly contested primary, Donald Trump upset Gov. John Kasich in the race for president in Meigs County. In the race for U.S. Senate, Meigs County voters chose GOP Incumbent Sen. Rob Portman and Democrat Ted Strickland, former governor, as winners. In addition, Meigs Democrats pushed Sarah H. Grace to victory in the race for state representative in the 94th district. For a complete list of county results in national and state races, see below.

GOP results:

President: Jeb Bush, 42; Ben Carson, 90; Chris Christie, 13; Ted Cruz 650; Carly Fiorina, 8; Mike Huckabee, 28; John Kasich, 1647; Rand Paul, 15; Marco Rubio, 149; Rick Santorum, 5; Donald J. Trump, 2378.

U.S. Senator: Don Elijah Eckhart, 915; Rob Portman, 3230. U.S. Representative: Bill Johnson, 3778. State Senator: Frank Hoagland, 3126. State Representative: Jay Edwards, 3297. Chief Justice Supreme Court: Maureen O’Connor, 3453. Justice of the Supreme Court: Pat Fischer, 1992; Colleen Mary O’Toole, 1694. Justice of the Supreme Court: Pat DeWine, 3459. Justice of the Court of Appeals: Mathew W. McFarland, 3230.

Democrat results:

President Democrats: Hilary Clinton, 800; Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, 46; Bernie Sanders, 757.

U.S. Senator: Kelli Prather, 144; P.G. Sittenfeld, 57; Ted Strickland, 1380. U.S. Representative: Michael D. Davenport, 877; Michael L. Lorentz, 459. State Senator: Lou Gentile, 1077. State Representative: Sarah H. Grace, 863; Eddie Smith, 547. Justice of the Supreme Court: John P. O’Donnell, 1049. Justice of the Supreme Court: Cynthia Rice, 1043. Judge of the Court of Appeals, Valarie K. Gerlach, 727. Paul Price, 544.

Voters go to the polls at Mullberry Commity Center. go to the polls at Mullberry Commity Center.

Lorna Hart

Beth Sergent and Michael Hart also contributed to this story.

Beth Sergent and Michael Hart also contributed to this story.