Contested races, levies highlight Nov. ballot

Early voting taking place

By Sarah Hawley -

POMEROY — There are multiple contested races, county-wide levies and local levies which will be decided soon as part of the November General Election.

Voters in Middleport and Rutland will be deciding between a three candidates each for Mayor, while Middleport will also have to pick between four candidates for two council seats. Racine voters will also have to select between three candidate for the two council seats.

In Middleport, mayor candidates are Sandy Iannarelli (incumbent), Fred L. Hoffman and Joshua M. Ashley.

In Rutland, mayor candidates are Michael Biggs (incumbent), Tyler M. Eblin, and Jack W. Peterson.

Middleport council candidates are incumbents Ben Reed and Susan Page, and challengers James Buskirk and Douglas Dixon.

In Racine, candidates for the two seats include challenger Mony Wood and incumbents Frederick Nero III, Chad David Hubbard.

Meigs and Alexander School Districts have contested races for seats on their respective boards of education.

In Meigs Local, there are four people with three seats to be filled. Candidates include Tony B. Hawk, and incumbents Todd Snowden, Roger Abbott, Barbara Anderson Musser.

Alexander Local has five candidates for the two seats to be decided. Candidates are Katheleen S. Dougan, Ralph Harvey Sr., John Hutchison, Lucy DeLaval Juedes, and Blake Regan.

County-wide, voters will be deciding on levies for Meigs County 911, the Meigs Museum (Historical and Pioneer Society) and the Meigs County Animal Shelter (Humane Society and County partnership). All three would be new levies.

Early voting hours began earlier this month and will continue until Monday, Nov. 4. Remaining early voting hours are as follows: Oct. 25, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; Oct. 28- Nov. 1, 8 a.m.-7 p.m.; Saturday, Nov. 2, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.; Sunday, Nov. 3, 1-5 p.m.’ Monday, Nov. 4, 8 a.m.-2 p.m.

On Election Day, Nov. 5, voting will be from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the polling locations.

Voting precincts and their locations for Election Day are as follows: Bedford — Ohio Valley Christian Assembly Campgrounds, 39560 Rocksprings Road, Pomeroy; East/West Chester — Chester United Methodist Church, 26580 State Route 248, Chester; Columbia — Columbia Township Fire Department, 29466 State Route 143, Albany; Lebanon — Portland Community Center, 56896 State Route 124, Portland; Letart — East Letart United Methodist Church Building, 49018 East Letart Road, Racine; North Olive and Orange Precincts — Tuppers Plains St. Paul United Methodist Church, 42216 State Route 7, Tuppers Plains; South Olive — Long Bottom Community Building, 36709 Township Road 275, Long Bottom; Rutland Village, East Rutland and West Rutland Precincts — Rutland Church of the Nazarene Fellowship Hall, 460 Main Street, Rutland; Salem — Salem Center Fire Department, 28854 State Route 124, Langsville; Middleport 2nd, 3rd and 4th — Church of Christ Life Center, 437 Main Street, Middleport; Pomeroy 1st, 2nd and 3rd — Mulberry Community Center, 260 Mulberry Avenue, Pomeroy; Bradbury — Bradford Church of Christ Activity Building, 39105 Bradbury Road, Pomeroy; Laurel Cliff and Rocksprings — Meigs Local Administrative Office, 41765 Pomeroy Pike, Pomeroy; Scipio — Scipio Township Fire Department, 35575 Firehouse Road, Pomeroy; Racine Village and Racine Precinct — Racine Baptist Church Christian Outreach Center, 406 5th Street, Racine; and Syracuse Village and Minersville Precincts — Syracuse Village Community Building, 2244 7th Street, Syracuse.

Candidates and issues for the November election are as follows, according to a list provided by the Meigs County Board of Elections:

MAYOR (1 to be elected each village)

MIDDLEPORT — Sandy Iannarelli, Fred L. Hoffman and Joshua M. Ashley;

POMEROY — Don M. Anderson;

RUTLAND — Michael Biggs, Tyler M. Eblin, and Jack W. Peterson;

SYRACUSE — Eric Cunningham;

RACINE — Julian Scott Hill;

VILLAGE COUNCIL (2 to be elected each village, plus 4 UTE in Rutland)

MIDDLEPORT — James Buskirk, Douglas Dixon, Ben Reed and Susan Page;

POMEROY — Maureen Hennessy;

RUTLAND — Clifford J. Kennedy, Stephanie Biggs, Duane Weber (UTE), Stephen Jenkins (UTE);

SYRACUSE — Maria Schaefer;

RACINE — Mony Wood, Frederick Nero III, Chad David Hubbard;

SYRACUSE BOARD OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS (1 to be elected) — None;

TRUSTEES & FISCAL OFFICERS: (1 trustee and 1 fiscal officer to be elected)

BEDFORD — Fiscal Officer: Kathy J. Romine; Trustee: John Walter Dean, Shawn Hawley;

CHESTER — Fiscal Officer: (write-in) Roger Karr; Trustee: Jeromee Calaway, Philip Raymond Werry, Shaun Seth;

COLUMBIA — Fiscal Officer: Cheri McMollum and Mary Wingo; Trustee: Rexie Cheadle;

LEBANON — Fiscal Officer: Brenda S. Johnson; Trustee: Matthew S. Evans, Dale C. Teaford IV, Tyler J. Johnson;

LETART — Fiscal Officer: Jenny Manuel, Nathan W. Roush; Trustee: Zachary B. Manuel, Justin Hill;

OLIVE — Fiscal Officer: Kaleen Hayman, Kelly A. Epling; Trustee: Randy Boston;

ORANGE — Fiscal Officer: Deborah J. Watson; Trustee: Ernest Holbert Calaway, Stephen Aaron White;

RUTLAND — Fiscal Officer: Opal Dyer; Trustee: Joe Bolin;

SALEM — Fiscal Officer: Carol A. Taylor; Trustee: Rebecca L. Johnston;

SALISBURY — Fiscal Officer: James William Durst; Trustee: John Hood;

SCIPIO — Fiscal Officer: Tina Cotterill; Trustee: Randy Butcher, Todd Byrd, Jayson Tillis;

SUTTON — Fiscal Officer: Jo Ann Crisp, Bill Amberger; Trustee: Chuck Mugrage, Marty L. Morarity;


EASTERN (3 seats, plus one unexpired term to be elected) — Jessica Staley (UTE), Floyd D. Ridenour, Brandon Buckley, Adam Will.

MEIGS (3 seats) — Tony B. Hawk, Todd Snowden, Roger Abbott, Barbara Anderson Musser;

SOUTHERN (2 seats) — Gary D. Evans, Ashli Peterman;

ALEXANDER (2 seats) — Katheleen S. Dougan, Ralph Harvey Sr., John Hutchison, Lucy DeLaval Juedes, Blake Regan;

Member of the governing Board of Education, one at large seat — Jeff Vogt;

Member of the Governing Board of Educational Service Center, one seat Alexander — Gary Dicken;

Member of the Governing Board of Educational Service Center, one seat Eastern — J. Greg Bailey;

Member of the Governing Board of Educational Service Center, one seat Meigs — none.


MEIGS COUNTY PIONEER AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Operating expenses and maintenance – additional 0.5 mill;

MEIGS COUNTY 911 SERVICES: Operating expenses — additional 1 mill;

MEIGS COUNTY: In partnership with the humane society for the expansion of the K9 center to include felines — additional 1 mill.


ORANGE TWP.: Road maintenance – additional 2 mill;

COLUMBIA TWP.: Operating and maintaining equipment and buildings for the fire department — additional 0.5 mill;

SCIPIO TWP.: Maintaining and operating cemeteries — replacement 0.5 mill;

RACINE VILLAGE: Fire protection — replacement 0.7 mill;

RACINE VILLAGE: Fire protection — additional 1 mill;

RUTLAND VILLAGE: General operating expenses — additional 2 mill;

LETART TWP.: Operating and maintaining and services fire levy — additional 1 mill;

CHESTER TWP.: Cemetery maintenance — replacement 1 mill;

MIDDLEPORT VILLAGE: Police Protection — additional 2 mill;

POMEROY VILLAGE: Current expenses — additional 3 mill;

OLIVE TWP.: Fire protection — renewal 1.5 mill;

LEBANON TWP.: Fire protection — additional 1 mill;

SALEM TWP.: Cemetery maintenance — 0.5 mill.

Early voting taking place

By Sarah Hawley

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.