Meigs Tea Party to hold forum March 3

By Lorna Hart -

POMEROY — The Meigs Tea Party met Tuesday evening to discuss plans for a Town Hall Meeting of Meigs candidates in the March 15 Primary Election.

The Tea Party announced it will host a Candidate Forum, called the Town Hall Meeting Thursday, March 3 at the Meigs Senior Center, located at 112 E Memorial Dr. in Pomeroy. Doors will open at 7:15 p.m. and the forum will begin at 7:30 p.m. and conclude at 9 p.m.

The group has invited all candidates for Meigs County offices to participate. The event will be moderated by Wilcoxen, who will ask each candidate to introduce themselves, followed by uestions from the audience. These questions will be selected and posed to candidates by the moderator, and each candidate will each have an equal amount of time to respond.

The event is open to the public and refreshments will be provided. Candidates running for state offices are also invited to attend and introduce themselves, but will not be part of the question and answer session.

The party also listened to and to Meigs County Tea Party President Larry Wilcox’s presentation on “Natural Born Citizen.”

The definition of “Natural-Born-Citizen” has been discussed and disputed since before the founding of the United States, and according to Wilcox, will continue to be a topic in this year’s primary and presidential race.

He said that although the term is used in the constitution, it was never defined, leaving the issue of precisely who is a natural-born-citizen the subject of much debate.

Wilcox explored the origins used to define who was a natural born citizen when the U.S. constitution was written. He cited pre-Revolutionary War examples written by English and French authors used by the founding fathers in their efforts.

Wilcox explained that most recently Barack Obama’s status has been challenged, but he is not alone. Unsuccessful challenges were made to presidential candidates Chester A. Arthur, Christopher Schürmann, Charles Evans Hughes, Barry Goldwater, George Romney, Lowell Weicker and John McCain as well.

Currently, the status of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal has been brought into question, and he said the issue will continue to be debated.

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By Lorna Hart